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Risotriene is not a weight loss supplement, but rather an ingredient used as a standalone product and as an ingredient in many weight loss supplements. This natural product comes from brown rice. When brown rice is converted to white rice, the outer shell is often thrown away. This shell is known as the rice bran. When the rice bran is stabilized, the nutrients in the bran are released and this whole food is created. Risotriene is the name brand for the stabilized version of the brown rice bran.


Stabilized brown rice bran.

Product Features

According to the literature found online, the FDA did not realized the healthy qualities of the brown rice bran or Risotriene until recently. Each year more than 60 million metric tons of the products were thrown away as unusable for human consumption. Today, the same waste is being converted into a super food of sorts that offers the body more than 100 antioxidants.

The claims of the websites selling the Risotriene include better overall health, decreased blood pressure, increased energy, decreased cholesterol and “more”. There is no reference to the weight loss benefits associated with the Risotriene product. If the bran in Risotriene is anything like traditional bran, there may be a detoxing effect on the body. One red flag is the information listed about the new Vitamin E found in the Risotriene. The information claims this new Vitamin E is between 40 and 6000 times more potent. This is a huge difference in number.

The Risotriene is offered as an individual supplement and as an ingredient in some weight loss products. The stabilized rice bran can be purchased online through various retailers for around $33.00 for a two week supply for one person. This means the product could get very expensive for a family to consume on a regular basis.

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  • Bran is good for overall health.
  • Bran could make you feel fuller, longer.


  • The price of the product can add up to more than $120 a month for two people.
  • The information on Vitamin E is a bit vague.
  • There is nothing listed about weight loss on the website.


Bran, in general, is a great source of fiber in the diet. However, if bran were the end all products for weight loss there would be no need for weight loss supplements. It is admirable that this product is created from a once little recognized byproduct, but if there are 60 million metric tons of the rice bran created each year, why is the price of the supplement so expensive? When we support weight loss products, most often there has to be proof the product will do what the claims say they will do. This product does not fit that bill.

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3 User Reviews about Risotriene

  • 1
    J Clark

    I have MS and also suffer repeated stomach upsets. When I take Risotriene regularly the improvement in my mobility is obvious and my stomach upsets are noticeably less frequent.


  • 2
    Ursula Miller

    I have COPD and I read in one of your magazines about a man who after taking Rizotriene was able to eliminate his oxygen during the daytime hours and only used it at night. Do you have other case histories to that effect? I am really desperate. I already have ordered the product and am taking it for the first time today. Sincerely, Ursula Miller


  • 3

    Okay, weight loss and price are problems, but what about the over-all benefits of this rice bran product? Worth paying the price for?