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RK-125 gives the dieter 125mg of raspberry ketones. According to the product description, the effect of raspberry ketones is similar to synephrine, but we’ve never gotten the impression that raspberry ketones are dangerous like synephrine. There are not definitive clinical studies performed on humans with raspberry ketones, but there are several animal studies on mice. These studies are often referred to as the proof that supplements like RK-125 work to help increase weight loss. Unfortunately, mice are not the same as humans and they certainly don’t have access to the fast foods, processed snacks and stress humans are faced with everyday.

List of Ingredients


  • Raspberry Ketones

Product Features

There is a phenol present in some plants that is linked to weight loss in animal studies. The phenol derived from the raspberry plant is called raspberry ketones. There are various forms of raspberry ketones on the market and all refer to these animal studies as proof of weight loss. Animal studies are not reliable sources of information when it comes to claiming possible human outcome. But, information and support for these supplements, including products with raspberry ketones, can also come from human usage. How can dieters lose weight on a product that has not been clinically proven to have such an effect?

The human is a complex being that can be convinced to do just about anything – even lose weight with a placebo. Raspberry ketones like have a placebo effect on some dieters who lose weight while taking them and in turn spread the word to others about the dynamic effect of the supplement. On the Dr. Oz show, for instance, one dieter claimed she finally lost weight while taking RK, but that weight loss story is just a story. There is no clinical merit.

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  • Raspberry ketones are safer than some other weight loss ingredients.
  • May support weight loss with a placebo effect.
  • Dr. Mehmet Oz supports using RK for weight loss.


  • There is not as much raspberry ketones in RK-125 as other supplements.
  • This ingredient is typically combined with other fat burners for a better end result.
  • Will not increase metabolism or reduce appetite.


RK-125 has very little raspberry ketone compared to other supplements with this main ingredient. RK can be easily stacked with other supplements, even if those supplements contain RK because there is no stimulant effect or toxic level that we could find. If you want to lose weight with a safe supplement, however, there are others out there with proven effects on metabolism like EGCG and green tea.

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    linda halbach

    Are these products safe for a type 1 diabetic? I follow the low glycemic index is there any sugar or carbs? Do you get a “jittery” felling as with most weight loss supplements<