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So many people want to lose excess body fat. This is one undeniable concern that is commonly seen in the United States and other parts of the world. This is where gurus like Rob Nevins come into the picture. Like many weight loss experts, fitness consultants, and nutritionists, this guru has a potential solution to weight problems. It is called the Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle program. Rob has appeared on national television programs to help educate people about weight loss. According to his website, he has already helped over 40,000 individuals achieve their weight reduction goals.

The Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle plan is about adopting healthy eating habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from here on out. Rob has two office locations in Connecticut where he provides personal assistance to men and women striving to lose weight. Rob creates a personal fat loss plan for each client in order to assist him/her as an individual with weight issues. Unfortunately there is no price posted for the Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle program. However, there are some success stories presented on the official website.

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In regards to the Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle program, this is basically dieting and weight loss consultation. Dieters can visit one of the two office locations found in Connecticut, or choose to see Rob Nevins live (dates are specified on the official website, but change regularly). Essentially the Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle approach involves a personalized fat loss plan designed for you as an individual. According to the main website, dieters are able to lean out, but without losing lean muscle mass. Rob teaches people how to eat properly, and maximize their ability to burn off fat. There are no dietary supplement pills or powders involved with this weight reduction program.

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  • The Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle program is stated to be a long-term solution.
  • Dates are posted and updated regularly on the official website for those who wish to see Rob live.


  • There are no convenient supplement pills involved with this program to fight hunger or burn off fat.
  • The only two office locations for the Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle approach are located in Connecticut.
  • The cost of this weight loss method is not revealed on the primary website.
  • This weight reduction program may call for a drastic lifestyle change, which many dieters will not appreciate.


When it comes down to it, the Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle plan is not going to be ideal for many dieters. First of all, the office locations are only found in Connecticut. Secondly, there are no convenient supplement formulas involved with this approach to weight reduction. While the Rob Nevins Living Lean Lifestyle program may be effective for some, it is simply not practical for many others.

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    I have been on the Rob Nevins plan for over 10 years now. The original 120 pounds lost have not come back. The plan is simple, easy to use and it works. Even when I go out for dinner with friends I have learned to make good choices from the menu that keeps me on track.
    When I started 10 years ago I has a local coach who helped me and encouraged me so there was no need to go to Ct. to see Rob in person.
    This is not a diet it is a lifestyle change.


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