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The Robard Corporation is a weight management company that offers three different weight loss programs. The goal of these programs is to assist men and women with successful fat reduction and overall health. The names of these programs are New Direction VLCD (medically supervised), NutriMed VLCD (medically supervised), and Advanced Health System (LCD Program). In this case, VLCD stands for “Very Low Calorie Diet” and “LCD” stands for “Low Calorie Diet.” Each of these programs specify an average weekly weight loss to expect, which is 3-5 pounds for New Direction, 3-4 pounds for NutriMed, and 1-2 pounds for Advanced Health System. As opposed to most dietary supplements that are offered to virtually anyone 18 and over, Robard Corporation programs appear to be geared more toward licensed physicians and dieticians.

Some of the major active ingredients found in Robard Corporation supplements are Chromium, CLA (reduces body fat), Gymnema Sylvestre (reduces sugar cravings), Garcinia Cambogia (curbs hunger) and Green Tea Extract (improves the user’s metabolism). Actual money-back guarantees and prices are not revealed on the official Robard Corporation website. Each program involves some sort of professional assistance in order to be taken advantage of. Furthermore, specific calorie intake information is applied to each weight loss program. More specifically, it’s 800 calories for the New Direction program, 500-820 for the NutriMed and 1000-1200 for the Advanced Health System (AHS) plan. Some testimonials are posted on the official website.

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Not available on the official website.

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The Robard Corporation is a company that offers weight loss options on a “professional” level to dieticians and physicians. The three main programs are New Direction, NutriMed and Advanced Health System. Although prices are not mentioned for these weight reduction programs, the major active ingredients are known to be: Chromium, CLA, Gymnema Sylvestre, Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea Extract. Since Robard Corporation products are only attainable through authorized individuals, there are no free trial samples available. A 1-800 number and contact page are provided on the website for authorized dealers. Overall, Robard Corporation are claimed to assist users with weight loss by blocking fat storage, increasing metabolic rates and suppressing hunger.

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  • Medical supervision is necessary for the Robard Corporation programs.
  • Robard Corporation offers three different weight loss programs to suit different individuals.
  • There are some testimonials provided on the official website.


  • There are no actual prices or fees listed for the Robard Corporation programs.
  • The Robard Corporation weight loss systems are not available to just anyone.
  • It’s not revealed if these programs come with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Full ingredient lists are not offered on the website.
  • Although the Robard Corporation claims to be professional, there is no clinical research provided on the website.
  • Most VLCD’s essentially send your body into “starvation” mode, meaning that you are only getting minimal nutrition (hence the need for medical supervision.) Typically, these are only suggested in cases of clinical obesity, not for casual dieting.


The approach of the Robard Corporation is rather interesting, considering the fact that their programs are geared toward physicians and dietitians, rather than actual consumers/dieters. In some ways, this may instill some confidence in certain dieters. After all, most people tend to trust a licensed doctor or a professional dietitian more than they do a mere website. Unfortunately the actual cost of Robard Corporation programs are not posted. Our guess is that these are very serious diet/ supplemebt programs intended to treat life-threatening obesity. If you’re really interested in a Robard Corporation weight loss program, you should speak with your physician first to learn more.

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5 User Reviews about Robard Corporation

  • 1
    Maria Barron

    I am on the program of new direction berly my second week would like to talk to someone that’s on the program or has been has it worked for yall it’s hard but I’m still on it



    I’ve been on New Direction for six months now and I’ve lost 80lbs. I have two shakes a day with a small protein meal with veggies. Best program ever.


  • 2
    Eleanor Vosbein

    Do you sell the Advanced Health Systems nutrition bars?


  • 3
    Gussie Thornton

    I am on the New Direction Diet here in Rogers, AR with Dr. Feezell. I have a friend near Modesto or Fresno, CA and she would like to see a doctor who is part of New Direction. Can you please advise. Thank you GT


    Miki Allison

    I am thinking of starting the New Directions with Dr. Freezell. Please give me some insight into how you feel about the program. Thanks, Miki