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Robert Ferguson Review - Does This Expert's Diet Work?

By Summer Banks on Oct 27, 2016
Robert Ferguson Review

This week, I obsessed over every aspect of Robert Ferguson. We looked closely at the ingredients, side effects, clinical research, and customer service. Then, we went on to read through hundreds of reviews to discover what people really thought. We condensed and summarized that information to give you the bottom line.


Who is Robert Ferguson?

Firstly, Robert Ferguson is a certified nutritionist, fitness expert and author. He is the man behind the book, Diet-Free for Life: A Revolutionary Food, Fitness, and Mindset Makeover to Maximize Fat Loss. It is based on the principles behind the Glycemic Index diet.

Robert Ferguson has written this book and created the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. He has also authored some non-diet pieces. We like that there’s an official website that includes recipes and a store, but read on…

Unclear Meal Plan – “What To Eat And When”

The first thing we noticed is dieters seem to be confused about the meal plan you’re supposed to follow while using this program. “The glycemic index is fairly complex, and if users are not familiar with it, they will struggle to follow it. The book could certainly do a better job of breaking it down for readers,” said our Research Editor.

”But he never mentions what I consider the main point of the diet, and that being which of his three formulas for fat release should a person use at specific meals during the day. He also does not give a complete list of the fast carbs, and the slow carbs, and I do not believe he even called them simple and complex carbohydrates. He does not state WHEN to eat the fast carbs and WHEN to eat the slow carbs,” said one user.

”It had some helpful diet & fitness tips but I found it was mostly filled with recipes. I was looking for more tips on his diet plans and more about food options,” said another.

Not everyone felt this way, however.

“I had no ideas that grouping certain foods together could affect your metabolism and fat burning. I thought the book was motivational without being over-the-top. I enjoyed the recipes in the book as well,” said one dieter.

“This is a great book. Very easy to understand. Robert explains the Diet-Free Life in a way that is easy to understand and can apply to your everyday life. He breaks down the Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs, Protein & Fat – even giving you ideas for eating out,” said another.

Reports of Ineffectiveness – “Does It Work?”

There were some users who claimed the diet didn’t do anything for them, even though they followed the plan to the letter.

”I gained weight following Robert Ferguson’s plan,” said a customer.

”The first week I lost one pound. OK so it wasn’t great. The second week I gained the pound I lost back. Third week – no change at all,” said another.

On the other hand, it worked well for many.

“I have been living the Diet Free Lifestyle for 13 months now. This is Robert’s greatest work yet. Robert teaches you how to eat the foods you love by combining them in a way that you will release fat….never to store it again,” said a reviewer.

“I have tried everything and this is so easy and it does work. I didn’t wait the seven days to get on the scale, after 3 days I already lost 4 pounds,” said another.

Over the years, we’ve found it takes a small thing, like lack of clarity in what to eat and when to eat it, or finding out that it doesn’t work the way you expected, to send dieters in search of another solution. While many were happy with Robert Ferguson, others were left confused or without results.

The Science – “Clinical Support?”

The glycemic index does have some merit, but there’s iffy science to support food combinations affecting weight-loss. We also have an issue with the fact that Robert Ferguson clearly backs using supplements, but we didn’t find a single ingredient list on the website.

At DietSpotlight, we want to see science before we can recommend any product, but we also want to know the information you get is clear and solid.

The Bottom Line – Does Robert Ferguson Work?

What’s the real deal with Robert Ferguson? Well, we like that he is a certified nutritionist. But, his approach could be called basic, as it doesn’t really teach anything you don’t already know – eat less, move more. Certain foods negatively affect your blood sugar levels more than others. That is good information to know when trying to curb appetite, but we’re hesitant to say it’s enough.

If you’re ready to lose weight, we suggest turning to a reduced calorie balanced diet and exercise program, and using it with a weight-loss supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients known to support your efforts.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. It’s made with a unique blend of four ingredients all shown in clinical studies to help support a healthy metabolism. Customer feedback online indicates no harmful side effects, and tons of users are happy with their results.

If you’re interested, right now you can get in on a Special Trial Offer directly from the makers of Leptigen. We love to see this sort of thing offered to our readers.

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About the Author:

Summer Banks is an ISSA-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has reviewed over 2000 diet products. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does Robert Ferguson Compare?

Previous Robert Ferguson Review (Updated March 9, 2015):

What You Should Know

Robert Ferguson is the face behind the Diet Free Life. This former marine's approach aims to show people how they can eat all of their favorite foods all day long without depriving themselves while still being able to lose weight. This program takes 8 weeks, and costs around $50. There are other books, CDs, and resources for around $10 to $20 each.

List of Ingredients

There are no ingredients.

Product Features

The Diet Free Life website features recipes, meal plans and more information to help those who are trying to lose weight. Also available from the website are the 8 week challenge program that claims to help dieters lose weight through online forums, webcasts, secret recipes, and more. The program seems to be based on the Glycemic Index, which has been around since 1981, though there is nothing to confirm or deny this suspicion. The Glycemic Index is basically choosing foods based on how quickly they are broken down in the body. Foods with a high Glycemic Index are less healthy for the body, and foods with a lower glycemic index are better for the body. In addition to the challenge and the books that Robert Ferguson has, there are supplements to detoxify and cleanse the body, though none of the supplements are directly linked to weight loss.

See Our Featured


  • May help people gain control over their eating habits.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • Some claims have been exaggerated.
  • Does not appear to offer any supplements that have been safely designed to both suppress the appetite and burn fat.
  • Provides little information to consumers regarding the logic and science behind the plan.


The foundation of Robert Ferguson's program is certainly solid, and much better than some of the programs and products we see on the market today. However, there are problems with the program, because there is little information on how it is supposed to work to help those who are interested in it lose weight. Those who are interested in losing weight need to eat a balanced diet with plenty of exercise, and need to be sure they are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you are interested in adding a supplement to your program for an extra push, be sure to look for one with proven ingredients as both an appetite suppressant and a fat burner.

57 User Reviews About Robert Ferguson

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  • 1
    shane oleary

    I not feel good at all I been sick every day need help


  • 2
    dianna senkyrik

    What is the difference between the Food Lovers Fat Loss program and the Diet Free Life materials? I have already purchased the first but lost the binder with everything in it. So, I am going to need to replace it with something.


  • 3



  • 4
    elizabeth mcgeowan

    I returned your product 5/09/2011 and not received a refund. i called your service # and the employee was no help. please advise.


  • 5

    I have been on the food lovers plan for 6 days now. I have lost 3 pounds and feel more energetic. I have recently found coconut milk and love it. I need to know if this is considered a fast carb or a fat. Does anyone know the answer to this.


  • 6

    Why couldn’t Ferguson put enough information in his Diet-Free for life book so we would be able to follow his plan without buying a $119 meal plans. He did not even put portion sizes, or when to eat which ratio!!! Half the book is either exercising positions or recipes which do not tell you where they fall as far as the food plan. He is more interested in making money that he is helping people. I am disappointed in his book Diet Free for Life.


  • 7
    Charles Sansky

    I have paid my orginal bill for my food lovers weight loss program, but I have been charged $59.99 twice more. I only signed up for the orginal offer at the price of $119.94. What’s up with the additional charges ?


  • 8

    Im not much of a veggie person so its hard to diet does this diet make u eat lots of them daily


  • 9

    I have done the 6 week body makeover, the Atkins diet and others. I lost weight on both and then aquired food allergies to carrots and poultry because i had to eat the same foods over and over. So I am thinking of trying this program simply for the wide range of foods you can eat! I am a mom of 5 and i’d like to c if it really works.


  • 10

    I love the workout dvd that came with the kit. I still use it almost every day even 2 years later. I’m ready to take it up… ANUUUTHER NOTCH!


  • 11
    debra freckleton

    are books avialable regarding the glycmic index


  • 12

    I have been on food lovers diet for a month now and I haven’t lost anything yet instead I have gained 5 pounds whats wrong I follow your instructions and work out program. Help I’ve tried every other diet and to no avail. I;m ready to give up.


  • 13
    sandra Kirouac

    I have an illness,eiosinaphillic Facsheittiss,Fibromyalgia,OA+RA, some exercise is very difficult but usefull on good days. I need this can u really help someone like me?


  • 14
    melody lloyd

    where can you find robert ferguson’s book.



    Diet Free for Life is Robert Ferguson’s most recent book and can be found at any book store, library or online (Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc)


  • 15
    wanda sawyer

    is there a vitamin and mineral supplement i need to be taking?


  • 16

    I also ordered my program in December, but got mine right away. I’ll be starting the program on Jan 1st, so will keep you updated on my progress. Read through all the material and it makes perfect sense. 🙂


  • 17

    i am a newly diagnosed diabetic and i am searching for a program that will assist me with learning how to eat to maintain my insulin levels. i also have high cholestrol and need to take that into consideration when eating. can you give me some information as to wether this is a good program for someone with my nutritional needs. please be fhonest i am really trying to make a change for the better to hopefully try to live a healthy life.


  • 18
    Paula M

    I lost 52 pounds since March. IT works and I love it. I am so happy with it and feel that everyone has to give this program a try.



    Hi Paula,
    That’s great!
    Can you pls give some feedback. is it hard to prepare the food? also how often do you workout


  • 19

    Robert see what I wrote to Susan Beyer. I want to stop the yoyo. I did the keto sticks and all. I have asthma, myasteniagravis, thyroidectomy, etc. I just want to take off this 15 to 20 lbs and make it stay off. Is this possible and what is percentage of success.


  • 20




    I have been on the Food Lover’s plan for 10 weeks and have lost 42 pounds. Its easy, effective and I don’t feel deprived. I’ve been on WW, Richard Simmons, and others. The issue is regaining weight “When the diet is over”. This is not a diet. This is a new and smart lifestyle change that allows you to eat what you like at the right time and in the right combinations to keep your body working at its best. I have never felt better. PS I have back and jont issues from being overweight for too long so exercise is difficult and it still works. I can only imagine my results if I could exercise like others do! Get it!


  • 21
    connie evans

    i am trying to find the toll free number to order the food lovers diet kit that i saw on tv


    Sharon Van Dyne

    I have been trying this number all day and only getting a busy signal 1 800 495-1201. This is the number I found on his website.



    Just saw the commercial in the Mid-west. The number is 800-318-6214.


  • 22
    Susan Beyer

    I have lost 90 lbs but I’m scared myt bad habits are returning. I need a new plan. Has anyone used this to PREVENT re-gain if loss in not a real issue? I need to nOT go back to bad habits..I’m scared I see the ice cream carton in the wee hours of the morning and chocolate.again. i’m scared I’m going to get fat again now that being fat now isnt a problem and I now look loon good. I see myself going back to ALL my bad habits and cAN’T stop



    Hi. I was just reading the posts to see if this program is what I want to try. I did do Weight Watchers and I was a stellar Champion…but I have put back on all the weight. I do admit going to those meetings and weekly tips was enough to keep me going for a while, so I understand where u are coming from. Prior to WW I did the High Protein no carb diet and lost a lot of weight too, but them put it all back on, hence why I turned to weight watchers. Now with no time in my life I can’t do the meetings and such…but I thought If I could do it on my own that would be great. One thing that may help you, I met a young man at weight watchers. He was extremely overweight. He had a pair of old jeans that were humongous that he always carried with him in the car to remind him when he was out and about not to go back to where he was. He also carried a picture of himself to mind himself that he wasn’t going to do this to himself again. Maybe this will help you too. Yes I am a little heavy right now, and not happy about it, but I know that when I make the commitment I will see it through. If you already made it do everything you can to keep yourself there. Chew gum, eat popcorn maybe put it next to the ice cream. Tape a picture of the old you and the new you near or on the ice cream/freezer. Don’t give up on yourself. Hang in there



    Try the WW online- perfect if you can’t make meetings. Keeps me on track . . .


  • 23
    Mary Morrow

    Due to health problems Iam
    restricted to 1500mg sodim
    daily. How does your weight
    loss program take this into


  • 24
    rebecca a

    started my detox today, need to know how much good bacteria to put back into my system along with the vitamins.


  • 25

    If this is basically eating the foods you like in moderation….try Weight Watchers….I dropped 30 lbs. in 10 weeks by WW….and love it….easy and you can still eat the foods you want and not as expense as this program…



    Thanks I am going to try that. But which program did you use? I know WW has a new one


  • 26
    jacqueline Schuelke



  • 27
    sue henry

    How can I find out the serving sizes for Protein, fast carbs and slow carbs mentioned in your diet in First for women?


  • 28

    I would like to try this program without all the other stuff. I already workout, as well as weight train. I just need some meal plans to use. please help. I”m willing to pay for a membership .


  • 29

    Is there a way to start the program for less than the 229.93? I am very interested but, can’t swing that right now.



    The program doesn’t cost 229.93. It cost the same amount that is quoted on the informercial. The program really works. I am very sceptical about infomercial but I thought I would order it and today I am at my goal weight and I mostly eat from strategy 2. If you are a food lover like most of us are you would love this plan. I am a born again Christian and will never lie about anything. The Plan Works!!


    Helen Hines

    I’m a big skeptic on infomercial products too. You can honestly say that this product has worked for you? I hate cooking and grocery shopping I am absolutely the worse at it! I spend way too much money on all the wrong foods even the ones that I think are healthy are not. Can you please tell me how long does it take to prepair your meals and is it easy to do? Did you reach your goal weight and how long have you kept it off? How long did it take you to lose the weight and has it been easy to keep it off? I am so tired of my yo-yo weight fluctuating and also spending a lot of money on a monthly bases on diet meds! Your comments on this product would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your reply. Thank you and have a blessed day!



    The infomercials say it is $119.00 or 6 payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling


  • 30

    I live in Hampden mass where can I purchase your book on carb combo diet? How much does it cost?


  • 31
    jeffery gingles

    what is the name of the book that i can read to find out the same thing that Robert is charging us for



    did you find out what book, i’d also like to know



    Name of Book and where to find it??



    I want to know the other books as well


    Deborah Hodridge

    How much is the program?


    Georgia Warder

    I saw a book “conquering the munchie monster” by him


  • 32
    Victoria L. Savage

    I sent back the package but the money was never returned in to my account. I tried to call the company but everyone is always in a meeting. Please take care of this thanking you in advance.


    Cheryl Steel

    Why did you send it back?


  • 33
    Angela Meek

    I want to share as one who has participated in this program now for 3 months one key reason you do not need supplements to suppress appetite and burn fat as the eating lifestyle along with exercise is truly the key here. You are trained the proper way to eat. I truly is simple, effective and life changing. And yes there are supplements available through the Food Lovers Fat Loss plan that will burn fat. I am a success story in the making 25 lbs down, I am healthier and more energized than I have every been. I am a Food Lover/Fat Loss for life!!



    It’s an amazing new approach to life isn’t it!?! I love this program and am also a Food Lover/Fat Loss for life!



    Angela I also live in Lafayette and would like to know more about your weight loss are you doing Food Lovers or Richard Fergerson plan


  • 34
    annette auer

    is there a money back gaurentee and do i eat a variety of food that i have at home?



    Yes the is a full money back guarantee and you can eat a vast variety of foods that you have at home, no preplanned meals to buy, no points to count. You eat breads, burgers, meats of all kinds, veggies, popcorn and on and on and on. This is to me a wonderful way to not only lose weight and inches but to eat the way we were intended to eat.



    i have the food lovers fat lose program and i love it,,,i lost 16 lbs in 7 weeks following this plan and i’m never hungry.. I would say get it.. it is great…. my mom is diabetic and she asked her doctor about this plan and she said everybody should live by this



    When you was asked to track the coloric intake for the week,how many calories were you eating?



    do you have alot of reading before you start. can you really have all the foods together as the picture shows. how much have you lost and how long did it take you


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