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Welcome to a world loaded with diet products, intestinal cleansers, fitness equipment, and weight loss programs galore. Try not to let the vast array of options for weight reduction confuse you. There is likely an ideal supplement formula or diet program out there to meet your needs, and help you achieve your weight loss goals. One of the many options is the Robert Gray Cleansing program, which was developed by Holistic Horizons. Like many internal cleansing kits and systems on the market today, this one is claimed to help you flush toxic materials, waste, and heavy metals from your body.

The core purpose of the Robert Gray Cleansing program is to improve your overall health. This is why an Internal Cleansing Formula, Intestinal Bulk Agent, and Dry Skin Brush are all used in conjunction with one another. While the supplements both come in tablet form to help flush out the intestines and lymphatic system, the brush is to be used on the body once each day (for a few months). By exfoliating dead skin cells from the from your face and body, more impurities are drawn out of the skin. This is done on dry skin (the bristles of the brush are made from natural vegetables).

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The Robert Gray Cleansing system is basically a program that flushes toxins and waste from the user’s body. Involved in this internal cleansing program are an Internal Cleansing Formula, Intestinal Bulking Agent, and skin brush to exfoliate with. The purpose of this program is to not only flush out your intestines, but also your lower bowels and stomach as well. A bottle of 100 Intestinal Cleansing Formula tablets sells for $16.95, while the Bulking Agent tablets sell for $38.95 (250 tablets). The dry skin brush is $9.95. However, the Robert Gray Cleansing system should not be used by men and women with Crohn’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, or Regional Lleitis.

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  • Dosage instruction for this internal cleansing system are provided online.
  • The Robert Gray Cleansing program may help users flush waste from their intestines.


  • There are certain warnings that pertain to the Robert Gray Cleansing program.
  • There is no full ingredient list posted on the official website.
  • There is no clinical evidence supporting the Robert Gray Cleansing program.
  • This cleansing system does not appear to aid with long-term weight loss.


All in all, the Robert Gray Cleansing program does not come across as a true weight loss aid. Naturally it is nice to see that this three-step system may help with flushing toxins and impurities from the body, but it does not appear to help with actual weight loss. Furthermore, it may be a little too involved of a regimen for some dieters.

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