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Robin Anthonys Renu Herbs was founded by one Robin Anthony. She is a mother of four, and has been dabbling with herbs since she was in high school. Interested in the healing properties of natural herbs, Robin decided to start her own company. At this point Robin Anthony’s Renu Herbs involves more than 11 different formulas. Some of which are Colon Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Weight Loss Pops, Detox Tea, Parasite Cleanse, Detox Trio Package, and Seaweed Soap.

Can you shed excess body fat just by sucking on a lollipop? Well, this is what Robin Anthony’s Renu Herb Weight Loss Pops are claimed to do. Since most men and women get sugar cravings at different parts of the day, these lollipops are supposed to work as a type of solution for the common sugar urges. They contain herbal components, vitamins and amino acids. A full list of ingredients is provided below.

List of Ingredients

Citrimax (a natural ingredient that suppresses appetite and helps burn fat),
L-Tyrosine (Amino Acid): (suppresses appitite, helps reduce body fat, works with the receptors to signal hunger satisfaction),
Vitamin B6 (helps absorb fats and reduces water retention),
Vitamin B12 (helps with digestion, absorption of food nutrients, and the metabolism of carbohydrates/fats),
and Guarana (combined with Vitamins B6 and B12, helps reduce fatique and increase mental alertness).

Product Features

One of the several Robin Anthony’s Renu Herb products is the Weight Loss Pops. This is literally a lollipop that is infused with key ingredients like Citrimax, L-Tyrosine, and Guarana. The purpose of this herbal pop is to assist men and women with weight reduction. Robin Anthony’s Renu Herb Weight Loss Pops reduce hunger, boost energy levels, and heighten the user’s metabolism. It is recommended that dieters consume two to three Weight Loss Pops each day to minimize sugar cravings (instead of sugary treats and desserts). A bag of 30 costs $29.95 via the official website. A specific diet plan or fitness regimen is not recommended.

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  • Robin Anthony’s Renu Herb products like the Weight Loss Pops come in a convenient lollipop form.
  • These dietary supplements can be purchased conveniently through the main website.
  • There are nine different flavors of Weight Loss Pops (raspberry cheesecake, mocha, cherry, butter pecan, cinnamon, green apple, pina colada, cinnamon, blue raspberry, and root beer float).


  • There are no testimonials or positive reviews presented on the official website.
  • Actual clinical data is not provided to support the claimed effectiveness of Weight Loss Pops.
  • Some dieters may have negative reactions to certain ingredients in Robin Anthony’s Renu Herb products.
  • A simple and convenient pill or capsule formula may be more suiting to some dieters.


Overall, the Robin Anthony’s Renu Herb Weight Loss Pops are certainly a unique and interesting idea. It is true that most people get sugar cravings, and need something to satisfy this urge. Although Weight Loss Pops may do the trick, it is difficult to determine how effective these lollipops are concerning real weight loss. After all, no clinical research is offered, and no testimonials are presented on the main website.

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15 User Reviews about Robin Anthony’s Renu Herb

  • 1

    Hello Robin,I Started taking the Organic Tea Leaves for about 3 weeks now and my hot flashes are not bad like it was before. I didn’t have a cycle for months and now I started spotting and also experiencing yeast infection. Is it because of the herbs? I’m wondering If the herbs are making me have a bad side affect. Please me know soon. I did try to contact your company and spoke with someone that tells me either you or someone.else would contact me. I have heard nothing. Please Let me know Thank you.


  • 2
    Malcolm Gage

    I have the trio but lost the instructions. Do I take all of 1 before starting the other? Where are the instructions online I can download?


  • 3
    Your Name

    I ordered the Detox Trio and started using it 8 days ago. This is a one month treatment regimen and after one week, I have seen parasites leave my body!!!! I will continue to use it because IT REALLY WORKS!!


  • 4

    Will Drop Slim interfere wuth my Blood Pressure meds and/or cause palpitations ? I use your Detox Trio already, but I need 100 lbs off of me ! Thanks so much ♡. Love U & Ms Yolanda, my hometown sisters in Christ ♡♡.


    kym benton

    does detox interfer with B/P MEDS


  • 5
    karolyn McDaniel

    I have been using the trio detox for one week. I am concerned regarding the amount of grain alcohol in the detox tea and the parasite formula 40-50%. Since I do not partake in the consumption of alcohol, Do I have reason for apprehension? In addition, how long does it take for the detox trio to begin to work and I observe changes, thus far, I have not noticed any change.


  • 6
    ana sanchez



  • 7
    Deborah Tate

    Robin, I would like to know more about the tea you have everyone drinking for better health.


  • 8

    Really what’s more important, you get your healing or pay for something that doesn’t deliver at all. There are some medications that we take given by doctors that taste bad and has all type of side effects that cause other medical issues but we still follow the doctor’s order and take them.


  • 9

    The drops does not taste good, but I normally adjust the amount and water so I don’t have to drink as much and it seems to work just the same. The trio works, but you do have to get past the unpleasant taste.


  • 10
    effie L campbell-Tate

    I personally loe Robin Anthony products.I never have purchase anything that dinot fufill what my need was.
    I have never tasted earwax,and i hope you have not either.Ihave tried the trio more than once;i found pure satisfaction.


  • 11
    Juanita Randall

    I tried the detox trio and did not like the taste of the parasite remover; I had not used the colon cleanser that came with the set at the time because I had some left from a previous cc purchase. When I finally used the colon cleanser that came with the set the capsules tasted bitter. If you ever tasted ear wax you have tasted the parasite remover and that is the same taste that the colon cleanser capsules have. I think that they may be packaged in the same facility and the liquid vapor from the parasite remover is coating the capsules of the colon cleanser. I sent the parasite remover back and asked them to exchange it with colon cleanser that did not taste bitter. The replacement set of colon cleansers was and is bitter too. The colon cleanser capsules never had a taste before, now it does, and the taste reminded me of ear wax, ugh! I still have 1 opened and 3 unopened bottles of colon cleanser that I may never get to because of the taste.



    i have colon cleanser as well, they do have a bitter not so pleasnat taste ,are you trying to chew and then swallow because the products only taste bad for a few seconds after touching your tongue so what is the big deal



    Stop being rude!!! If it’s bitter to her it’s bitter, just like the last part of your comment-purely bitter. Be kind!!


    Gloria Griffin

    9/11/13 – I heard you on the radio this morning. I would like to know more about this tea and how it work and here can I get it.