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Nowadays there is a deluge of information at your fingertips regarding weight loss and daily fitness plans. The reality is if you have access to the Internet, you can discover all sorts of new data on dieting and fat reduction daily. One website that endeavors to provide dieters with news and updates on healthy living is Rodale. Although this company does not appear to be selling an actual weight loss pill, they are associated with a number of online fitness plans, magazines and books.

If you pull up the official Rodale website, you will quickly notice that this company focuses on healthy living, outdoor exercise/activities, and living life to the fullest. In fact, Rodale posts new studies and news clips each day to keep readers updated on the latest breakthroughs concerning healthy living and eating right. This online source claims to cater to tens of millions of people all over the world. Rodale is affiliated with major magazines such as Men’s Health, Prevention, Women’s Health, Runner’s, Bicycling, Running, and Gardening. The main categories you will find on the official website are Health, Food, Living, Environment, and Fitness.

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Rodale is an informative website that aims to help people learn more about health, fitness regimens, and going green. This company dates back to 1930, and was founded by one J.I. Rodale. It has locations in both New York, as well as Pennsylvania. Rodale offers some merchandise, which primarily involves books, magazines and online periodicals. This company also deals with personalized online fitness plans. Some of which are The Biggest Loser Club, Women’s Health Fit Coach, Flat Belly Diet!, The Abs Diet Online, and Men’s Health Personal Trainer. Rodale can be subscribed to, and is constantly updated with new information.

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  • This is a very informative website that may be able to assist many women and men with healthy living tips.
  • There is advice provided on the Rodale website regarding fitness and weight management.
  • This site encourages outdoor activities and staying active.


  • There does not appear to be any actual weight loss supplements offered through the Rodale site.
  • Reviews and testimonials regarding this website are not posted.
  • Many dieters are looking for an actual weight reduction product, as opposed to helpful data concerning healthy living.
  • Rodale encourages you to subscribe to magazines, which for some will not be a very proactive approach to weight loss.


It is certainly clear that Rodale focuses on healthy living, fitness routines, outdoor activities, and recipes for eating well. Combined these things can assist people with weight reduction and staying fit. However, if you are a dieter seeking out a weight loss supplement, then this website is not likely what you are looking for.

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  • 1
    Debbie Swille

    There is no funds in that credit card so please stop the order


  • 2
    Lenore Emmanuelli

    i never ordered any magazines and i received a thank you letter for subscribing to Prevention. i dont know how you got my address but if i receive any magazines from your company i will notify the better business bureau!!!


  • 3
    Barbara Temple

    Last Sept. I ordered a book titled ‘Reverse Diabetes with Nature’s Medicine–Now’. It was advertised as a 30 day free trial offer. I never received it. Why?