Rodial Crash Diet Kit Review

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Rodial Crash Diet Kit is a combination of supplements sold by the Rodial company. The kit claims to help the dieter lose up to one dress size in just 10 days. Crash diets are unhealthy and often lead to rebound weight gain, so why would a company sell a weight loss kit by this name? Dieters know how bad crash diets are for their body, but that doesn’t mean the need to lose weight isn’t stronger than this knowledge. The Rodial Crash Diet kit is nothing short of horrible. The company does not list all the ingredients in the formulas and they use laxatives and diuretics to promote fast weight loss.

List of Ingredients


Crash Diet Gel:

  • Caffeine?

Crash Diet Sticks:

  • Guarana
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Meadowsweet
  • Cherry Stalk
  • Ash Leaf

Crash Diet Smoothie:

  • Milk
  • Soy

Product Features

The first step in the Rodial Crash Diet Kit is the topical gel used to dehydrate the space between fat cells. This is likely a caffeine cream, though the company does not bother to list the ingredients in the gel. You are supposed to use the gel for all 10 days. The skin will look smoother, but the effect is temporary and is not the result of weight or fat loss.

Step two is the Crash Diet Sticks. Crash Diet Sticks are packets the dieter mixes in water. You can think of them as supplements in a packet. The Crash Diet Sticks contain guarana, green tea extract and green coffee bean – all stimulants. They also contain meadowsweet, cherry stalk and ash leaf – all diuretics. The company is not shy about sharing the fact that these ingredients are diuretics.

The final step in the Rodial Crash Diet Kit is the weight loss shake. Milk and soy are listed as ingredients and nothing more. These are likely the potential food allergens in the formula and not the sole ingredients. If the dieter does not know what is in the shake mix, they should not choose the product.

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  • The official website sells the Rodial Crash Diet Kit.
  • The dieter may lose a few pounds in water weight.


  • Not all the ingredients are listed.
  • The dieter should be wary of choosing a product that uses diuretics to promote weight loss.


Rodial Crash Diet Kit is not the best program for weight loss. The company tries to force water weight out of the body so the dieter appears to have lost weight, but once they stop taking the diuretics and stop using the caffeine gel the weight and cellulite lumpiness will return.

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