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Roex or Roex Digest and Roex Wow as it is also known is said to be a revolutionary great new supplement to aid the digestive system and also to cleanse the colon. It is also reported to be a great product that can prevent certain conditions and ailments.

This is a weight loss supplement that is said to be free of yeast and glutens and also artificial colorings and flavorings, so it can be used by those who suffer from various allergies. This product aims to give the user a healthier lifestyle which in turn will give weight loss results.

This product reportedly combines an advanced weight loss formula with the most effective and efficient weight loss ingredients to provide the user with amazing results after a short period of time, and it is said to work by removing the rubbish that is kept in the colon and intestines of the body.


Within the Roex product line, they are said to combine the best weight loss ingredients and these ingredients are – barberry root bark, ginger rhizome root, garlic bulb, dandelion root and red clover flowers, milk thistle seed, buckthorn bark and “other natural ingredients.” These other natural ingredients are not actually made clear anywhere on the internet.

Product Features

The Roex line of products seem to be all natural and contain a lot of cleansing ingredients. The colon cleansing products come in capsule form so you will not have to drink any liquids that might have an unusual flavor or texture to them which is nice.

The official Roex website has a ton of products available that cover categories from weight loss to sexual health and everything in between. All products have a 30 day return policy but you will need to call their customer service hotline for more details on how it works.

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  • Roex products contain all natural ingredients.
  • The official website contains a lot of products for various health related issues.


  • None of the Roex products in the weight loss category contains thermogenic ingredients or powerful fat burners.
  • You must be a preferred member to get the lowest price on the Roex website.
  • Third party reviews of Roex products seem to vary greatly so we cannot get a feel for their effectiveness.


If you really like the idea of all natural products that come in capsule form, Roex has a lot to offer. They have a huge range of supplements that are catered to many different health issues. While we cannot recommend a single product from Roex if you are looking to lose a lot of weight fast, some products may be beneficial if you incorporate them with a more powerful weight loss product.

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    Lynn Keller

    What is Celltalk? One of your salemen sent me 4 bottles of it, and it sits in the cabinet. We do not know how to use it.