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Roman Fitness Systems is a personal fitness program created by John Romaniello. Romaniello, Roman for short, is a personal trainer, model and author from New York. The official website shares training advice and links to the fitness books written by Roman. Roman Fitness Systems reads like a fitness program written by a comedian. With light hearted words, one would think Roman would not be successful at his fitness approach, but the testimonials tell otherwise.

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Fitness program by John Romaniello.

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John Romaniello, the creator of Roman Fitness Systems, established his fitness program after years of trial and error. He quickly notes that his jump into the fitness world was not a first choice. He wanted to give himself a bit more diversity on college applications and thus took up sports. In the off season, he chose to workout hard and strong, because he was better at working out than the actual sport. After topping out at 193, he studied all the literature on nutrition and muscle groups he could find and slimmed down to 165. He regained the weight, but this time as muscle rather than fat.

The Roman Fitness Systems program is not clear based on the information offered on the website. The testimonials allude to the success each private client has earned with Roman’s help, but only small bits of detailed information is give. On, Roman publishes articles on muscle building and fitness which is where dieters can find more information.

Roman offers an online training approach which is less costly than a personal trainer. According to the description, Roman will evaluate your current weight and body physique and establish a workout plan and menu based on YOU. There is no set in stone plan as each one is written personally for a given client. Email contact with Roman is available at all times and the program can be tweaked as needed to speed up progress.

There is no mention on the website about how much this personalized attention will cost the dieter. A contact page is available for dieters who want more information.

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  • Unique approach to weight loss and fitness.
  • Could be cheaper than personal training.


  • Online training requires personal dedication from the dieter.
  • There is no pricing information for dieters to consider.
  • The evaluation is not in person.
  • There are no photos of Roman though he brags about his body throughout the website.


Roman Fitness Systems is a personalized weight loss program that could work for some dieters. The idea is to make fitness and weight loss a major player in your life without leaving your life behind. According to the creator, living with one foot in fun and one foot in fitness is an acceptable choice.

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    Dan Townsend

    I had ordered John’s book three weeks ago and never received it. Apparently shipping a book to Canada is something that is not possible. I have sent five emails to their ‘Support’ and received zero response. Very poor customer service!