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If you are one of the many dieters out there striving to shed a few pounds, there are certainly plenty of options at your disposal. Maybe you are seeking out the ideal supplement formula, exercise device, diet plan, or fitness regimen. Then again, maybe you prefer a combination of these methods. As you may know, one option when it comes to weight loss is tea. Yes indeed; many people are turning to “slimming teas” as a method to potentially drop a few pounds of unwanted fat. One brand amongst the several is Royal King. This company offers Green Tea, Red Panax Ginseng Tea, and Royal King Ginseng Slim Tea.

The first thing you should know about Royal King Ginseng Slim Tea is that it is stated to be totally natural, and made from a blend of herbs. It does not contain preservatives or caffeine. This tea is meant to be drank daily to potentially curb hunger or suppress appetite. It is pitched as a natural stimulant, and can be easily made with hot water. However, this diet tea does not aim to boost the user’s metabolism, or burn off calories more quickly. Lastly, it is not sold with a satisfaction guarantee. No consumer reviews or testimonials are posted.

List of Ingredients

Cassia Seed (cassia obtusifolia L.), Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (rhizome of fiveleaf gynostemma), and Root of Ginseng.

Product Features

As with many other tea formulas available, Royal King Ginseng Slim Tea is claimed to assist women and men with weight reduction. It contains key active components like Cassia Seed and Gynostemma Pentaphyllum. A single box comes with 20 tea bags, which is a two-week supply. However, no price is posted on websites like where this diet tea is sold. Royal King Ginseng Slim Tea is made from 100 percent natural herbs, and is a stimulant that may suppress the user’s appetite.

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  • This weight loss product contains very few ingredients.
  • Royal King Ginseng Slim Tea comes in a simple tea bag form.
  • This tea is free of both caffeine and preservatives.


  • There does not appear to be a functioning official website for Royal King Tea.
  • There are no positive reviews presented online where this product is sold.
  • There is very little information provided on Royal King Ginseng Slim Tea, and the company that makes it.
  • This weight loss formula is not FDA-approved.


Diet teas are becoming more and more common these days. While the concept is simple, some of these weight loss products appear to fall short. Take Royal King Ginseng Slim Tea for instance. Although this herbal tea may assist with hunger management, it will not help the dieter burn more calories or increase metabolic rates. In other words, it may not be the best choice for shedding body fat.

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4 User Reviews about Royal King

  • 1
    mariano acurio

    It is good to me.. I would like to order 10 boxes every two months


  • 2
    Shurland Pierre

    Which is the best way to drink the tea, hot or cold..Does the tea make you go off more often than usual.. Can I eat nornal and taking the tea will still make me loose weight.


  • 3
    mavon mcmurtrie

    Royal king green tea extra strength,is it good for losing weight?


    Lucy Fuentes

    Folks around here use it as a laxative when they are having trouble moving their bowels or just to clean themselves out once a week. If steeped 1/2 hour or more, users often get cramps followed by multiple movements in less than 24 hours.