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What You Should Know

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Royal Slimming Formula is an Asian weight loss supplement, that is considered very dangerous, to the point where a warning has been issued by the FDA in regards to the product’s use. The warning was issued in 2008, but still many people are unaware.We are not providing this review to encourage the product’s use, but rather to educate people about the product and its dangers, to help people avoid it. Do not under any circumstances be tempted to use this product, and if you are currently using it, please discontinue immediately.

List of Ingredients

Royal Slimming Formula contains the following ingredients: Lingzhi, ebony, fox-nut, tuckahoe, seman pruni, dioscoreae, wheat germ and sibutramine. The last ingredient is not listed on the product label, but is the most dangerous part of the formula.

Product Features

Royal Slimming Formula is a weight loss supplement claiming to help you reshape your body in just a week. The ingredient sibutramine, which is not included on the label, causing many people to falsely believe this product is safe, is dangerous. It has been linked to serious health conditions such as: internal bleeding, heart attack, seizures, and a variety of other issues. This supplement may also contain a host of other unknown ingredients that are potentially harmful.

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  • Royal Slimming Formula has no advantages and should be avoided completely.


  • Royal Slimming Formula contains harmful ingredients not listed on the label.
  • This product has a warning from the FDA issued about it.
  • This product could cause serious health issues from seizures to heart attacks.
  • This product is very similar to a slew of other Asian weight loss supplements.


Royal Slimming Formula despite having an FDA warning issued against it, may still be purchased online through certain websites. As the FDA does not regulate the weight loss and dietary supplement industry, it speaks volumes about a supplement if the FDA is going to step in and speak about the dangers of a product. Instead of taking your chances on a weight loss supplement like this one, we recommend you use a supplement that is clinically proven safe and effective. You can use an appetite suppressant to help you eat less, a fat burner to help you shed more calories, or a combination of the two. Of course, a weight loss supplement alone will not do all the work for you. For best results, you should not only take your supplement regularly as directed, but you should be eating a balanced diet of fewer calories than you are used to, with a regular cardio and strength training exercise routine. This will produce healthy, long term weight loss results.

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