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There are all sorts of methods to loosing unwanted body fat. Unfortunately many people struggle to find the one that really works for them. According to brands like Royal Tropics, the natural way is the best way to shed those excess pounds. This is why Royal Tropics offers supplements like Green Papaya Powder and Capsules. The natural fruit extract in these supplements is claimed to assist with fat reduction. This privately owned company additionally offers health supplements such as Noni Juice, Mangosteen Powder, Noni Capsules, and Noni Powder.

The primary ingredient infused into Green Papaya Powder and Capsules is papaya extract, which is stated to be all natural. Most people already recognize papaya as a tropical fruit. However, according to the primary Royal Tropics website, this fruit is much more than that. Papaya is also a food that contains a 100 percent organic enzyme that helps break down fats, starches and sugars so they can be digested more easily. This in turn is supposed to aid the user with getting rid of some excess body fat.

List of Ingredients

100 Percent Natural Papaya (only ingredient listed on main website).

Product Features

The Royal Tropics Weight Loss Diet is one that consists of a Green Papaya Powder and a Green Papaya Digestive Aid capsule formula. Together these dietary supplements make a 30-day supply, which should be taken daily to assist users with fat loss. The core ingredient found in these supplements is Papain. This is touted as a proteolytic enzyme that aids with real weight loss. Royal Tropics products are totally natural, and are encouraged to be taken with a sensible diet, as well as daily exercise in order to help with weight reduction. The cost of Royal Tropics Green Papaya weight loss diet is $35, plus $5 for shipping and handling. With the Papaya Powder, users should take one tablespoon each morning or night, and the capsule formula should be taken at lunchtime (three capsules).

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  • Papaya fruit is health, and provides several essential vitamins/nutrients.
  • This supplement formula can be purchased through the main website with ease.
  • There are no additives found in Royal Tropics Papaya products.


  • There is only one noted active ingredient for Royal Tropics Papaya formulas.
  • The testimonials page on the official website does not work.
  • These supplements do not aim to suppress hunger.
  • There does not appear to be a 100% money-back guarantee offered.


It is nice to see that Royal Tropics Papaya formulas are infused with the natural extracts of papaya fruit. This may be healthy for the body and mind. However, in regards to weight loss, these supplements do not really endeavor to burn off calories, heighten the user’s metabolism, or suppress hunger. Therefore Royal Tropics formulas may not be ideal for many dieters.

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