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Ruin Your Appetite is a powdered Chinese weight loss supplement from Shen Clinic. There are no common ingredients and the formula has not been clinically tested or proven to have any effect on weight loss, but these facts do not stop supplement companies from promising weight loss and appetite suppression. According to the product description for Ruin Your Appetite, the ingredients lift up qi causing appetite to be suppressed.

List of Ingredients


  • Platycodi
  • Notopterygium
  • Bupleurum
  • Rehmannia
  • Cimicifugia

Product Features

Platycodi has been tested on lab mice, but not on humans. Lab tests showed reduce fatty stores when mice were given doses of 244 mg per kg and 375 mg per kg. The dose in humans would have to be huge to recreate the same effects. The mice were fed high fat diets during the study. No studies have been completed to prove the same anti-fat storage effects on low fat or reduced calorie diets.

Notopterygium is a natural anti-inflammatory with diuretic effects. Diuretics are commonly found in Chinese weight loss supplements, but have no lasting effect on weight. Diuretics force water from the body causing a temporary change on the scale. When the dieter stops taking the supplement with diuretic ingredients, the weight returns. In the mean time, excessive water loss can cause electrolyte imbalance, particularly potassium loss.

Bupleurum is commonly used to treat fatigue and constipation. There is a chance this ingredient could increase metabolism if it has stimulant effects, but little is known about how the ingredient works in the body. As for the effects on the body in terms of constipation, the ingredient could have laxative effects.

Rehmannia may be useful in dieters with hormonal imbalances, but like other Chinese ingredients, there are no human trials to base these claims on. There is no evidence this ingredient boosts weight loss or reduces appetite.

Ruin Your Appetite also includes cimicifugia. Cimicifugia is another name for cohosh, which could mean the ingredient is black cohosh. There is no evidence cohosh decreases appetite.

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  • All ingredients in Ruin Your Appetite are listed on the official website.


  • None of the ingredients are proven to decrease appetite.
  • Clinical studies on one ingredient were completed on lab mice not humans.


Ruin Your Appetite is not likely to ruin your appetite at all. The ingredients are based on Chinese medicine and there are no clinical trials on the individual ingredients or the formula as a whole preparation to support any claims of reduced appetite.

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