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The Run Your Butt Off program incorporates physical activity with healthy eating choices. The program consists of a book and a personal workbook. In the book you’ll find great information on choosing the right foods, how to stay motivated, and how to transition in to a more active lifestyle. The personal workbook allows you to track your progress and hold yourself accountable for your choices. This may be a good package for those looking to change things up and get more active while losing weight.

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The entire Run Your Butt Off program consists simply of 2 books. The main book discusses how to build up your workout little by little. You’ll also find extensive information on how to choose foods that provide you natural energy without added sugar or caffeine. The program is designed to be a step by step guide that is used over the course of 12 weeks. The personal workbook is designed for you to track your progress, in both what you eat and your workout routine. When the program is followed correctly people can expect to lose anywhere from 10-30 pounds.

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  • The Run Your Butt Off program is great for those who haven’t been active in some time. It slowly steps up the level of activity.
  • You can customize the program to your personal level.
  • The program allows you to slowly work up to a physical level. This lets those who haven’t been very active to get to a comfortable point easily.


  • If you’re already working out and dieting this program isn’t going to boost too much in your goals. It’s designed for the absolute beginner.
  • A lot of people have a hard time with the Run Your Butt Off program simply because running is hard on the joints.
  • The personal workbook will only take you through the first 12 weeks. If you choose to continue with the program you’ll need to either make copies of the pages or use a blank journal.
  • A lot of the food recommended is expensive. If you’re on a budget this may not be a good program to follow.


For those who want to lead a more active lifestyle, the Run Your Butt Off program can be a great choice. It does help you step up your physical activity levels slowly and realistically. If you want to lose weight though there are other methods that may work better. If you combine this program with other fat burning programs and diets you’ll end up losing more weight in the long run. It’s also going to serve you better if you continue beyond the initial 12 week program.

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