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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Runkeeper is a web-based and mobile application designed to track you activities. The application is free. Runkeeper offers a premium subscription for $20 per year. With the premium subscription, you have access to the stand features of Runkeeper as well as access to broadcast activities live and find ways to improve your training results.

List of Ingredients


  • Web-based and mobile application tracking your fitness results.

Product Features

Runkeeper is a free application for your home computer or your mobile device. When you sign up, you enter you location, your fitness level and your motivational factors. After filling in your information, you have access to the dashboard; this is where your activities are logged. You can review your reports, learn about the custom and preset training programs, update your activities, connect with friends via Facebook and create running routes.

Although the name suggests otherwise, you have the ability to track more than just running. On the website, after logging in, you can track all types of physical activity.

The best part of Runkeeper is the price. All of the above features are free. Runkeeper does offer a paid subscription for $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year. With the premium subscription, you have access to live broadcasts. This allows you to show the world your fitness routines and progress.

The one thing lacking from Runkeeper is you personal motivation. Runkeeper is a great motivational tool, but not an ideal solution if you are lacking the motivation from the beginning.

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  • Runkeeper is free.
  • The premium subscription is inexpensive.
  • You have access to a variety of motivational tools.
  • There is a blog detailing different exercises and fitness tips.
  • You can track you goals and performance on your personal computer of mobile device.
  • The application is supported by Android devices as well as the iPhone.
  • Runkeeper features social integration.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss just by using the application.
  • You need to have motivation in order to continue reaching your goals.


If you think tracking your fitness and activities throughout the day was expensive, think again. Runkeeper is one of the best, free applications on the market designed to track your activities. We like the social integration, allowing your Facebook friends to see your progress. We like the low cost of the premium services. Spending $20 per year is small investment in order to reach your fitness goals. The only concern centers on personal motivation, instead of the application. Runkeeper is full of motivational tools, but unless you have the desire to reach your fitness goals, you will not be successful using this particular application.

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