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Runtastic is fitness application created to motivate individuals and assist them reach their goals. The application was created as a running application, but through the course of time transformed into a complete fitness application. Dieters have the ability to track all types of fitness activities, as well as weight management and online training plans. Runtastic is available from the Google Play store, iTunes and BlackBerry App world free. In the event you want more options, you can sign up for the PRO membership. The cost is approximately $2 per month of $24 per year. This is cheaper than comparable fitness applications on the market.

List of Ingredients


  • Fitness and weight management application.

Product Features

Runtastic is fitness application designed to motivate individuals and assist them in tracking performance. The end result is dieters achieving fitness goals. Originally started as a running application, Runtastic now tracks all types of fitness activities, including strength training and cardiovascular activities. The application also allows individuals to access training plans designed to improve athletic performance in half marathons, marathons, 10Ks and weight management programs. The training plans are integrated with live coach feedback. At this time the training plans are only available in the iTunes store, although Runtastic is available in the Google Play store and BlackBerry app world.

The cost of the application is free. If you want additional options, you can upgrade to the PRO membership. The PRO membership is relatively inexpensive. We found the membership online for $24 per year. There are also Pro memberships for three and six months, instead of 12-months.

There are benefits of motivational tools as it relates to fitness and weight loss. Although Runtastic provides the benefits, you still need the motivation to use the program. The application does not feature community support for additional motivation from like-minded individuals.

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  • The application is free.
  • The PRO membership is inexpensive.
  • The application features training plans.
  • Weight management is addressed.
  • Runtastic features social integration.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The training plans are only available on Apple devices.
  • The application requires personal motivation.


We like the Runtastic app. This free application addresses all fitness levels and types, as well as moves beyond tracking running. You now have the opportunity to track activities that fit your lifestyle. The main concern centers on personal motivation. Regardless of the motivational tools provided by Runtastic, you need the motivation to use the application on a daily basis. This is a challenge Runtastic cannot answer.

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