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It is unknown if the Russian Air Force Diet is really the diet that was required of the Russian military or not. It is unlikely however, because the diet is so extreme. The old pictures of the soldiers would attest to the effectiveness of the diet if it truly is the diets they used. The diet can be followed for a week. The food requirements must be followed exact and at the times specified. The diet cuts down on the caloric intake of the eater. With a reduced number of calories the dieter will lose weight in the first week and will lose even more if it is continued on for a second week. An example of a Russian Air Force Diet breakfast is coffee and a slice of toast or two saltine crackers. Lunch would be similar to two eggs and a can of tuna or a small chicken breast. The evening meal would be the same as lunch but with a small salad. The food is all low in calories and nutrients. Some people who follow this diet will lose weight but will also have nausea, fatigue and hunger for the entire week. When the diet is over, the weight will be regained because it is not sustainable.

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The Russian Air Force Diet requires the user to drink no less than four glasses of water or diet soda every day. You can use herbs, salt, pepper, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, mustard and ketchup on any of the food items to add flavor. The first day of the diet will allow only coffee for breakfast. The lunch on the first day will be two eggs and a tomato. The evening meal will consist of seven ounces of red meat and a small salad. On all other days the breakfast can include coffee and a very small portion of a starchy carbohydrate. The dieter will eat a protein and a piece of fruit for lunch and a protein and a salad for supper.

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  • Easy to follow.


  • The dieter will be low on energy so you won’t feel like working out to increase muscle mass.
  • Unhealthy meal requirements do not meet daily needs.
  • Weight loss is temporary as the diet cannot be sustained indefinitely due to the poor nutritional value.


The Russian Air Force diet will help the dieter to lose weight. The weight will reappear once the diet has ended as the diet is not sustainable. The low nutritional value makes this a diet that is not recommended by the medical community.

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    As I saw d procedures of russian airfoce, I belive it will work