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Russian kettlebells are not new to the fitness scene, with references to these weights showing up in Russian dictionaries as early as the beginning of the eighteenth century. However, the Russian kettlebell has achieved mass popularity more recently as studies appear to show a consistent correlation between kettlebell training and increased strength and endurance. This piece of fitness equipment claims to do it all; touting improved strength, balance and cardiovascular performance all at the same time. One website selling these weights states that people looking to lose weight will lose, while those who need to put on some extra pounds will also do so. Apparently, the Russian kettlebell will adjust body composition in whichever way is needed.

We found the Russian kettlebell sold through a number of online retailers, with a broad range of weight amounts available. Many websites also offered instructional material in the form of books and DVDs. Some even provided complete kettlebell kits that would include everything you need to begin a comprehensive kettlebell training program. However, we did not find much information from these websites about a money back guarantee or return policy on their fitness products.

for the Russian kettlebell products.

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One Russian kettlebell website offered the 10-pound kettlebell for a price of about $76 at the time of this review. The prices of the kettlebells went up as the weight amount increased. The red kettlebells were a bit cheaper, but the lightest red kettlebell available appeared to be the 35-pound weight, which would be too much for most women beginning kettlebell training. While one website assured shoppers that all purchases came with a money back guarantee, we could not find many specifics on the website about what this guarantee included. Compared to standard dumbbells and barbells, the prices on kettlebells may be somewhat high, and we encourage consumers to shop around to find the best price available.

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  • Russian kettlebells provide a complete workout incorporating strength training, balance and cardiovascular work.
  • The kettlebells come with material to learn how to train with them effectively.
  • Kettlebells come in a broad range of weight amounts, allowing everyone to use them.


  • Russian kettlebells alone may not be sufficient for weight loss.
  • The focus seems to be primarily on building strength and toning the body; not fat burning.
  • The kettlebells are expensive.
  • We are unclear about a money back guarantee or return policy.


If you are looking for a way to step up your strength training, or even begin a new program, Russian kettlebells may be an effective method to try. However, strength and balance training is only part of the equation. We recommend that consumers combine fitness training with a low calorie diet and effective weight loss supplement for best results.

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    I have to disagree with this review. Mostly I believe it understates how good KB are for general fitness, and is grossly understating the potential for weight loss using them. Also, the prices have dropped, and you can get them at most major sporting stores now. I just saw a 10 lb KB for $20, on sale for $7!!!

    Done properly most people can drop weight like a large rock drops in a deep lake if they workout with a KB. From my experience and the experience of many people I’ve known and read on the internet, someone who does push exercises (Squats + upper body Press exercies), combined with a pull whole body exercises (swings/deadlifts/rows/pull-ups/snatches/cleans/etc), using a KB, in 20 minute workouts 3-4 times a week, who aren’t alreading doing greater volume of exercise, will probably have their bodies transform in short order. Even people who do more intense work report seeing transformation when switching to KB. The muscle tone development, and muscle to fat ratio that properly done KB cardio can create is mind boggling. Shorter, increased intensity workouts are key.

    Diet IS important, and I’ve finally spent the last year fixing that part of myself, but not because of weight, KB’s fixed that by themselves for me!!! I didn’t used to eat the best at all, candy, sugar, LOTS of bread, cereals, fats, alcohol, etc and developed an extremly healthy body composition (muscle to fat, weight) when I started doing 20 minutes kb workouts every 2-3 days (3-4 times a week). I got much, much stronger across the board, and my endurance blew through the roof, especially my strength endurance, and I became more flexible than ever, within a few months. Basically I lost over 60 lbs weight, gained bigger muscle, improved my Balance, improved my overall Strength, improved my general Endurance, improved Strength Endurance signifigantly, improved Lung capacity, and mental clarity in short order with only KB training. I was in my mid 30′s and haqd years of problems with my weight. The improvement continued for months without getting a heavier kb! I’ve always had problems with my belly, my belly was completely gone and there was a 6 pack where it used to be, within two months of doing KB work. Before I started doing KB, I would get winded after doing cardio, even after a long time of doing them, KB’s made it so I improved in short order. Even before I started eating better quality foods, I had to start MORE food to keep my weight from dropping too much!

    Bottom line, if your healthy enough, can handle one of these things, and the doctor says its ok, I think trying doing KB before anything expensive or involving drugs is a good idea. Other workouts can work, but KB are simple, sweet, to the point, and can be adapted to most peoples situations and needs.

    A warning: Make sure you have ample space and watch where you’re swinging or moving them though. I could invision spmeone causing great damage to themselves, someone else, or someone’s property by using one they are not capable of controlling the KB, especially doing swings. Always start light to make sure you are used to doing things with proper form before progressing to heaver bells.

    I believe even people who are considered too unhealthy to do intense exercise can benefit from these, if they started light enough and didn’t do too much, but absolutely consult your doctor and I’d have to say a trainer as well (even though I didn’t need one, just some KB books from the web) before using a KB or doing any kind of new workout. Consult your doctor about a weight loss program of any kind before starting.