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The Sabona of London is a company with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States that sells magnetic and copper bracelets as health products. Products range from mens, womens, western styles, copper, q-link, tungsten-carbide, sterling silver, athletic, medical identification and copper supports. The bracelets are also sold by other larger retailers such as Target, Amazon and Walgreens.

Sabona of London was established in 1959 and regards itself as a premier producer of high quality magnetic and copper bracelets. Magnetic bracelets are worn as health products by people who believe that the magnets can improve circulatory health. The medical benefits of wearing magnets on the skin have not been proven scientifically. Copper bracelets are worn with the belief that copper can be more effectively absorbed through the skin than with dietary supplements. Copper supplements are believed by some people to alleviate arthritis and other health disorders. Wearing copper jewelry has not been medically established to have any health benefits. Detractors of wearing copper jewelry point out that the small amount of copper absorbed by the skin is unlikely to have any effects on the wearer, and taking copper supplements would be a wiser choice.

The official website for Sabona of London has an FAQ page which briefly mentions the health benefits attributed to wearing its jewelry, but states that, “Copper wristbands and magnetic products are considered to be unproven remedies.” Sabona of London guarantees its products against manufacturer’s defects for six months past the purchase date. There are warnings on the official website stating that pregnant women and people with electronic implants should not wear copper or magnetic bracelets.

Product Features

The magnetic bracelets come in a variety of designs and colors, including sports bracelets in bright colors. Copper bracelets come in many designs with several different platings such as silver and carbide. The bracelets range in price from $299 for nearly pure silver bracelets to $14.99 for athletic bracelets with magnets. There do not appear to be any money-back guarantees offered with these products.

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  • Available from a wide range of online retailers.
  • Products come in a range of designs, materials and prices.


  • The health benefits attributed to wearing magnetic and copper jewelry have not been medically established.
  • There are no money-back guarantees offered by this company.


Sabona of London produces high-quality copper and magnetic jewelry intended to be worn for health purposes. While the actual health benefits of these bracelets are scientifically dubious, the bracelets are high quality and well-designed, so they may also be enjoyed by wearers simply as fashionable jewelry. Bracelets range in price from $14.99 to $299. There are no money-back guarantees.

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    what about the corrosion products on the copper bracelets ?!!!
    when the braclets leaves a green discoloration on the skin …does the skin absorb it ,causing a bad side effects on the long run?!!