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Saffron Hunger Caps contain branded saffron called Satiereal. According to Rebody, the supplement manufacturer, Satiereal helps reduce hunger, reduce cravings and, in turn, help the dieter stick with a reduced calorie diet. Satiereal is a branded form of saffron extract with a dedicated website from Inoreal, the creator of the extract. When we visited the official website for Satiereal we found a link to a clinical trial completed on the ingredient. The link opened the trial on the Satiereal website, not the journal website where the study was published. We did manage to find the study published in a journal, but the results are not as impressive as Satiereal or Saffron Hunger Caps wants the dieter to believe.

List of Ingredients


  • Satireal Saffron Extract

Product Features

When a company trusts just one ingredient to power a weight loss supplement that better be the most powerful ingredient of all. Satiereal is an extract of saffron, a flower commonly used as a spice in cooking. Saffron is extremely expensive, but Satiereal is extracted through a special process that lowers the price giving dieters the chance to take advantages of appetite suppression associated with saffron extract.

In a randomized study of 60 mildly overweight women, reduced snacking between meals was noted when Satiereal was taken twice daily for eight weeks. Total intake was slightly more than 175 mg per day. Saffron Hunger Caps literally copies the total amount of saffron extract used in the study in the formula – 88.5 mg taken twice daily.

Unfortunately for the dieter there are some issues with the study. The small study pool leaves much to be desired in terms of clinical support. The participants included in the study were only mildly overweight with a maximum BMI of 28. By the end of the study, the control group results were nearly as good as the saffron extract group results. When you take the total number of participants into consideration, 54% of the control group noticed reduced hunger (15 dieters) and 68.8% of the saffron group noticed reduced hunger (21 dieters).

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  • May reduce hunger.
  • May help prevent snacking.


  • There were only 60 participants in the clinical study.


Saffron Hunger Caps may work to reduce hunger, but the clinical data does not represent or express weight loss – just reduced snacking. It doesn’t matter if the dieter chooses to snack less between meals if that hunger just returns later and the next meal is larger than it would have been if the dieter had eaten the snack. Weight loss is the true measurement of a successful diet supplement.

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