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SafSlim is a liquid weight loss supplement that claims to be able to help you reduce the amount of belly fat in your body in just 12 to 16 weeks. With a celebrity endorsement from Montel Williams, this product may just be what you are looking for to help put you over the edge in your routine so you can reach your weight loss goals. Read this review to see what we think.

List of Ingredients

SafSlim contains safflower oil, which is a concentrated source of High-linoleic acid (HLA). Other ingredients, such as vegetable juice, are added for color and flavor. Ingredients may vary slightly between the two flavors.

Product Features

SafSlim is a liquid supplement. It is safflower oil, with a hint of fruity flavor. It is a healthy fat, which is designed to help the body move fat from the body. It will not work on its own to do all the weight loss work for you. It needs to be used with a balanced diet and regular exercise routine. If you are already doing these things, it can be used as a tool to enhance your results. In clinical trials, it has been shown to reduce the belly fat in women by as much as 9% in just 16 weeks. It comes in two flavors, Tangerine Cream Fusion, and Berry Cream Fusion. You can get a bottle for $29.99, but this single bottle will only last you 15 days. Each serving, is 1 tbsp, and you need two servings a day. Each bottle is 30 servings. You are supposed to take a tablespoon twice a day, once 30 minutes before breakfast, and once 30 minutes before dinner. It is meant to taste like a creamy sorbet, to give you a treat before your meal. Discounts are available for those who purchase more than two bottles at once.

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  • SafSlim is available in two flavors.
  • HLA is supported by clinical research.
  • You can purchase this supplement online, or in health food stores across the country.


  • SafSlim is expensive. You can expect to spend $60 a month, or roughly $1 per serving, to use this product on a regular basis.
  • The product says you will not have to change your diet and exercise routine, but if you are not already following a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis, you will have to.
  • There are no free trials.
  • The money back guarantee policy may vary from merchant to merchant.
  • Aside from the celebrity endorsement, we are not able to find real customer reviews.


SafSlim could very well work to help you reach your weight loss goals, because we know healthy fats in the body help to push fat from it. There is really not a weight to “spot lose” or control where the weight loss comes from, so we are not sure it can target your stomach. This supplement will only work when used with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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  • 1
    joyce hayes

    i love the orange taste! I hope I can lose weight…. tried so many things. I just started, only a week. I will keep
    you informed, thanks


  • 2

    i want to learn more


  • 3
    emmy kunz

    is there any interaction with any medications? is it safe to take with any medication /


  • 4

    I was wondering about safslim raising your colesteral levels ldl ..also will it keep you awake ?..I ordered off of qvc when I took the first tbls it tasted very oiley ..please let me know thank you Beverly McCreery


  • 5

    I am a gastrobypass patient and I would like to use this product! my doctor prescribed me some Xenical but it is to expensive so I was told about safslim, is it ok for me to take this product! I have to be very careful about what I take!