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Salacia oblonga is an Indian herb that helps to control blood sugar levels in the body. The supplement is sold online through various retailers but there is no official website for this product. The control of blood sugar levels after a meal is thought to stop the carbohydrate crash that can cause hunger soon after eating a meal high in carbohydrates. With Western meals tending to be higher in carbohydrate levels, the salacia oblonga supplement is marketed as a means of stopping that crash and thus preventing the hunger causing weight gain.


Salacia oblonga

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There are two methods of thought in practice when using the salacia oblonga supplement. One is the control of carbohydrates in the body after a meal which prevents the crash causing hunger and subsequent overeating. The second has to deal with the absorption of carbohydrates. Supposedly salacia oblonga stops carbohydrates from being absorbed and this prevents the body from storing the extra fuel as fat on the body.

The salacia oblonga supplement is to be taken twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal. One several websites, the salacia oblonga supplement sells for less than $20.00 for 120 capsules. This is a 60 day supply when taken as directed. There are several warnings posted in regards to using the salacia oblonga supplement. Pregnant women, women who are lactating or breastfeeding, diabetics and hypoglycemics should talk with their doctor before taking the product.

Due to the fact that there is no official website for salacia oblonga, there is varying information on the return policies, free trial policies and contact information available to the consumer. There is no scientific evidence posted on any of the websites reviewed supporting the use of salacia oblonga as a daily supplement for any health condition including weight loss.

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  • The product is inexpensive.
  • If carbohydrates are bound by salacia oblonga, this could decrease the carbohydrate crash leading to hunger after meals.


  • There is no official website for salacia oblonga.
  • There are no studies listed supporting the use of this product.
  • As a standalone product, this supplement will not curb hunger or increase fat burning in the body.


Salacia oblonga is another herbal supplement that claims to aid the body in the prevention of carbohydrate metabolizing. Commonly referred to as carbohydrate blockers, these products are rarely helpful in weight loss plans. We tend to support proven weight loss supplements that provide scientific research supporting the use of their products. A strong fat burner and an appetite suppressant may help more than this product.

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    can you tell me the proper functioning of salacia oblonga on human body and their action of mechanism that how can salacia helps in diabetes.


  • 2

    my husband is diabetic type II, has cholestrol and he’s alos taking pills for his heart( he had a by pass heart surgery). I want to know if Salacia oblonga is safe for him.
    Thank you.


  • 3

    where can i buy this salacia oblonga, any hint?


  • 4

    what is the assay method of content of salaretin & manjeferin?