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The Salt Solution is a book designed to help people reduce their salt intake and increase their potassium intake to improve overall health. The book features a nine step program to help people adjust to the reduced sodium and increased potassium in their diets. It is not a weight loss program so much as a program to help with overall health benefits, but could help produce weight loss as a side effect. Take a look at what we think of the book before you buy it.

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The Salt Solution is a complete program to help you cut out the excess salt from your diet. A diet high in sodium is a leading cause of high blood pressure, which is a leading cause of stroke, heart attack, and other serious disease. Beyond causing high blood pressure though, a diet high in sodium can also play a role in other conditions, including osteoporosis and even asthma. There is not a great deal of detail about how the book helps you with reducing your salt intake, but there are many positive reviews to say the book does a good job of helping people eat less salt.

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  • The Salt Solution will help you reduce salt intake, which will reduce this risk of several diseases and conditions including heart attack and stroke.


  • The Salt Solution is not meant for weight loss, even though some people may see weight loss as a side effect.
  • This book does not address exercising.
  • There is little information about the nine step program in the book’s description and sales pitches.
  • There is no money back guarantee for this product.


The Salt Solution is a book targeted at those who eat a diet high in salt. In America, most people do have a much greater salt intake than they should, and many of them do not realize the health risk associated with it. If you want to try this diet, you will notice your health improve, but you may or may not see any weight loss, because this diet is not really for that purpose. You may find that your blood pressure is lower and you have a general increase in energy levels and overall feeling of well-being. If you want to lose weight, you should eat a reduced calorie (reduced sodium helps too!) balanced diet full of lean proteins, fresh produce, and whole grain. In addition to your balanced diet, you should also exercise on a regular basis, doing both cardio and strength training. Beyond your diet and exercise, taking a clinically proven weight loss supplement that contains either fat burners or appetite suppressants can help you accelerate your overall weight loss efforts.

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