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Sam-e is a supplement promoted as a healthy way to support brain cell function and mood. The supplement is supposedly made up of a natural compound found in living things, but there is no specific mention of what that compound is or if Sam-e is the compound itself. There is also no information give about the source of the Sam-e. Without a source, dieters will food sensitivities or other allergies may find they cannot take the product (the hard way). The most popular name brand of Sam-e is Nature Made. The supplement is sold in most retail and vitamin stores.

List of Ingredients

Naturally occurring compound.

Product Features

What does Sam-e do for the dieter? Nothing. The supplement is touted as a mood stabilizer or booster. For some dieters this could help ease the anxiety often associated with a new diet and exercise plan. Dieters tend to follow a plan perfectly for the first couple of days or weeks only to find they are too hungry and too cranky to continue further. Weight is regained and the yo-yo effect starts all over. If Sam-e can boost mood, it may help dieters control this anxiety.

While little information is revealed about the Sam-e supplement, there is some information on dieters who should NOT take the supplement. According to Nature Made, people with bipolar disorder should not take the Sam-e supplement without the approval and close supervision of their doctor. Sam-e boosts mood, according to the description, and thus could affect the mood balance for a bipolar. Pregnant women should not take the supplement nor should people taking anti-depressant.

Some dieters find it interesting to learn that Sam-e is also marketed as a natural sleep medication. This could mean Sam-e works as a “downer” or sorts, depressing energy to help the user fall asleep faster. If Sam-e is taken during the day, it could cause drowsiness.

It can take 7 to 10 days, or more, to feel the effects of Sam-e. The product costs from $10 to $30 per bottle online. The standardized strength seems to be 400 mg.

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  • Sam-e may improve mood.
  • The supplement can be used in conjunction with most other fat burners or weight loss products.


  • Sam-e is not safe for bipolars.
  • Dieters should not use Sam-e before driving.
  • Sam-e is not an appetite suppressant.
  • The supplement affects mood.


The Sam-e supplement is priced in the moderate category as is the case with many supplements. Dieters will not find the miracle weight loss magic they are looking for though they may find a nap in there somewhere since the product is commonly used as a natural sleep aid. No source and no real information leaves the dieter questioning many manufacturer.

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