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San Leaf is the name of an Asian slimming tea that claims to boost metabolism and help the dieter lose weight. We always look at slimming teas with a fine microscope because many companies throw together stimulants and laxative and market the supplements or teas in this case, as weight loss products. There are also many cases when the manufacturers include ingredients with confusing names that may not be safe for all dieters.

List of Ingredients


  • Pu’er Tea
  • Lotus Leaf
  • Rhizoma Alismatis
  • Cassia Tora
  • Gynostemma Pentaphylium
  • Momorfica Grosvenori

Product Features

As is the case with so many slimming teas, San Leaf contains no ingredients proven to boost metabolism or weight loss. The ingredients in the tea may decrease blood pressure, increase urination and increase the number of bowel movements per day, but that is not the effect dieters are looking for. According to the product description, the dieter can take San Leaf for long periods of time without being concerned about diarrhea or dehydration, but that is not the case.

Some of the ingredients in San Leaf are commonly used in slimming teas like Pu’er Tea and Lotus Leaf. Others, like Cassia Tora, are common ingredients with no to common names in San Leaf. Cassia Tora, for instance, is Senna Leaf a stimulant laxative. The manufacturer specifically says San Leaf will not cause diarrhea, but that is not true. Senna is known to cause diarrhea.

The before and after photos on the San Leaf website are exceptional. The dieters have lost tons of weight using the tea, but we doubt all of the weight loss is attributed to San Leaf. Dieters must change what they eat and how they move to lose weight and keep it off.

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  • Ingredients for San Leaf are listed on the official website.
  • Before and after photos are shown to promote the product.
  • May help fight occasional constipation.


  • Cannot be taken long term.
  • Contains a stimulant laxative.
  • Will not promote weight loss.
  • Contains no ingredients to increase metabolism.
  • Sells out of the country so shipping is $25 an order.


We found San Leaf to be nearly identical to every other slimming tea on the market. There is tea combined with laxatives to boost waste removal. This is the real source of weight loss, but the dieter is simply dehydrating not losing weight. The before and after photos clearly show dietary and exercise changes. San Leaf will not cause weight loss like the testimonials support. In addition, common laxatives and ingredients are hidden behind odd names to keep the dieter from understanding what they are really taking.

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