San Lipo Redux Review

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What You Should Know

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San Lipo Redux is a topical fat burning and cellulite reduction cream produced by the SAN company. This company has released many different fat burning products over its lifetime, but this one seems way too good to be true. A cream that you can rub on your skin to help you lose weight and get rid of cellulite? We’ll take a closer look to see if any of the product claims hold truth.

List Of Ingredients

San Lipo Redux ingredients include water, alcohol denat, propylene glycol, caffeine, raspberry ketones, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, triethamnolomine, glycrrhetineic, erhothioneine, coleus forskohlii, octopamine, corynanthes, yohimbine, menthol, camphor, xanthan gum

Product Features

This product claims to use a six phase approach to help you lose weight and cellulite. While this sounds nice, the product claims it can help you “spot reduce” in problem areas such as the stomach and thighs. Even if the ingredients in the formula could be absorbed through the skin and work they way they claim, it has been scientifically proven that there is no way a person can spot train to lose fat in a particular area of the body over another. While these ingredients are absorbable, there is no way they can help burn fat… and when you burn fat, you burn it in general.

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  • This product contains fat burners.


  • There are no ingredients in this formula that will help remove cellulite.
  • Skin absorption will not help burn fat the way a pill will.
  • It is not possible to “spot reduce” or choose areas to burn fat.
  • There is not a money back guarantee.
  • There are many negative reviews of this product on several third party websites.


Though there are fat burning ingredients in this formula, it is important to recognize that they are differences between how the body will handle something absorbed into the skin versus swallowed. Just because a fat burner is a fat burner, does not mean it will work the same way when rubbed into the skin as it will when ingested with a meal. This alone is reason to run from the product. When you look at the product claim that you can “spot reduce” problem areas, that should show you it is not being honest with its consumers, simply because we know this is not possible no matter what product or supplement you choose to use. Instead, we recommend a proven supplement with a fat burner or appetite suppressant.

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