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S.A.N. Shredded is a diuretic supplement and estrogen inhibitor designed to assist you in losing unwanted water mass that collects around the midsection without causing any loss of muscle tissue. According to the manufacturer, an active ingredient in Shredded, stinging nettle root, also frees naturally present testosterone and targets it directly at the muscles where it acts to build them up. This same ingredient reportedly blocks excess production of estrogen enzymes. S.A.N. claims that stinging nettle root, along with herbal diuretic agents such as bear berry, creates visible results in 72 hours, while Shredded also replaces the essential potassium and magnesium that your body sheds along with water.

When you are undergoing a 4-day course of Shredded, you should plan to be near such facilities as a rest room and a water source. Despite the claim that the product facilitates fluid removal, the body needs added hydration during the treatment in order to prevent a dangerous level of dehydration. Also, you will experience a more frequent need to urinate, so having facilities nearby is essential. Expect to pay about twice as much for Shredded as you would for similar herbal diuretics that are not targeted at body builders.


Potassium, pyroxene, magnesium, taraxacum officinal extract, uva ursi extract, green tea extract, nettle root extract, caffeine anhydrous, evodia rutaecarpa, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, titanium dioxide, FD&C coloring.


The manufacturer advertises S.A.N. Shredded as one of the most potent herbal diuretics sold. It is intended for body builders who wish to temporarily chisel away the stored water in their bodies to produce more defined muscle groups prior to competitions or photo shoots.

The diuretic component in Shredded is Uva-Ursi (bear berry) or Arbutin, which is a bear berry extract. Other ingredients, such as caffeine and green tea extract, contribute to the diuretic action while reportedly causing the body to accelerate its “thermogenic” process of burning fat.

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  • Offers quick fluid flush for optimizing muscle definition
  • Replaces essential minerals lost with flushed fluids
  • Active ingredients are herbal/natural


  • Removes naturally occurring moisture from body, requiring you to replace with increased water ingestion
  • Causes frequent urination to eliminate fluids and may be inconvenient
  • Herbal ingredients are not verified to be effective or safe by the FDA


S.A.N. Shredded contains herbal ingredients that the manufacturer says will help you shed unwanted fluid around the muscle groups in you midsection in order to chisel your look for an upcoming body building competition or exhibition. The product is not FDA approved, and although the manufacturer claims that Shredded is completely safe, any time that you experience a rapid loss of fluids there is a real danger of debilitating dehydration.

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