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San Slim is a diet supplement that appears on several review sites, but it does not have an official website. The active ingredients in the supplement are appetite suppressants. The aim of an appetite suppressant is to reduce appetite so the dieter can take control of appetite and eat less. Hoodia Gordonii is the main appetite suppressant in the formula, but clinical research has not been positive in regards to the effect of this ingredient. Without an official website, we could not find a means of ordering San Slim online.

List of Ingredients


  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Glucomannan
  • Vanadium Chelate
  • Chromium Chelate
  • Vitamin B6

Product Features

Hoodia Gordonii is derived from a cactus in South Africa. The cactus was once used by tribesmen to reduce hunger while hunting. The tribesmen chewed on the cactus to gain the desired effect. Clinical studies on Hoodia Gordonii show the ingredient is metabolized before the ingredient has time to signal the feeling of fullness claimed by San Slim and other Hoodia supplements.

Glucomannan is a water-soluble fiber. This ingredient is supposed to blow up in the stomach, literally leaving no room for food. While fiber is known to slow digestion and cause a feeling of fullness, dieters often expect more than they get from fiber weight loss supplements. The feeling of fullness does not prevent the dieter from eating bad foods rich in calories and gaining weight.

Vanadium and Chromium Chelate help control blood glucose response. Blood glucose is released when carbohydrates are consumed. The release causes a spike in blood sugar levels. When blood glucose rises, then falls, the brain thinks the body is in need of more food for easy energy and hunger starts. This is the most common reason dieters fall off a healthy eating plan and gain weight.

Vitamin B6 is an energy vitamin, but the body cannot store B vitamins so they are used and expelled. The increase in energy is minimal and is not usually felt like energy from caffeine. There is no association between B vitamins and weight loss.

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  • San Slim ingredients were simple to find online.
  • The supplement contains chromium and vanadium.


  • No official website where the dieter can order the supplement.
  • Affiliate links are no longer active on all sites we checked.
  • Hoodia Gordonii is clinically proven ineffective.


San Slim may help control hunger thanks to the chromium and vanadium, but the hoodia gordonii will not have an effect on hunger. The Food and Drug Administration warns that most supplements claiming to contain hoodia do not really contain the ingredient at all. Hoodia is endangered in South Africa and must be exported with a CITES certificate. We found no certificate associated with San Slim.

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