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SAN T-3 is a “thyroid hormone activator” that aims to alter the user’s thyroid functioning (hormone production) for the better. The company that manufacturers this dietary supplement is SAN. As stated on the official website, SAN T-3 can be purchased in two different sizes, which are jars of 90 capsules ($19.95) or 180 capsules ($32.95). As opposed to many other diet drugs and weight loss supplements, SAN T-3 is geared more towards bodybuilders who are attempting to get “shredded.” When it comes down to it, this supplement is claimed to aid the body in continually producing more thyroid hormones.

Benefits derived from SAN T-3 capsules range from lower cholesterol levels, to increased fat loss, to improved skin texture, to a boosted metabolism, to thyroid hormone production, to enhanced protein synthesis. The primary active ingredients offered in SAN T-3 capsules is Pure Guggulsterones E and Z. Similar to some other diet products, SAN T-3 is supposed to be taken three or four times daily with meals and plenty of water. The official website states that it can be taken in conjunction with other “weight loss supplements.” Women who are nursing or pregnant should not take SAN T-3 capsules.

List of Ingredients

Guggulsterones E and Z, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, Scarlet #3 and Black #1.

Product Features

SAN T-3 is a weight loss supplement suitable for some women and men. Basically this product is claimed to boost thyroid hormone production, lower cholesterol, increase metabolic rates, enhance protein synthesis, improve skin texture and assist with fat reduction. Although no clinical research is posted on the website, there are some warnings for individuals who already suffer from diabetes, thyroid disease, heart disease, prostate enlargement, high blood pressure or difficulty urinating. The key component found in SAN T-3 is Pure Guggulsterones E and Z. No user success stories appear on the official website.

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  • Warnings for SAN T-3 are clearly posted on the official website.
  • It’s a cinch to purchase SAN T-3 capsules through the website.
  • SAN T-3 may improve the user’s skin texture and lower cholesterol levels.
  • All product ingredients are revealed on the website.


  • Women who are pregnant or nursing a baby cannot take SAN T-3.
  • Product reviews and/or testimonials are not offered.
  • Individuals that suffer from diabetes, thyroid disease, heart disease, prostate enlargement, high blood pressure or difficulty urinating should not take SAN T-3.
  • No customer satisfaction guarantee is mentioned on the website.


In the end, SAN T-3 is really more of a bodybuilder’s supplement, than a dieter’s weight loss product. While it certainly sounds wonderful that SAN T-3 may be able to enhance thyroid hormone functioning, the warnings on the official website may serve as a red flag for some individuals. Especially those with a pre-existing thyroid condition, who should consult a doctor before starting a course of any thyroid altering drugs or supplements. This is one weight reduction product that you may want to talk to your physician about before taking. Finally, it would be reassuring to see some before and after photos posted on the official website to support SAN T-3 capsules.

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    what is the best fat burner I need to loose weight in short time!


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    my intructor told me to take 9 capsules per day (3 with each meal), is it safe?? the bottle says to not take more than 5, but i´m new at this and dont know how it works


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    Paula Hamlin

    Is it gluten free and does it contain black walnuts?