SAN Tight FEM Review

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You might want to establish a weight loss goal before you get started with a weight loss supplement, diet program, fitness regimen, or prescription diet pill. This way you will have a specific goal weight in mind, and get a better idea of how long it will take you to reach your goal. One product that may be of assistance is SAN Tight FEM. This is a dietary supplement that specifically for women. It is available for around $25, and can be ordered online through third-party websites.


  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Coleus Forskohlii
  • Guggulsterones Extract (E & Z Isomers)
  • Vinca Minor Plant
  • Yohimbe Bark
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Piperine Fruit
  • Red 3
  • Yellow 6
  • Titatium Dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate

Product Features

SAN Tight FEM is supposed to help increase the metabolism, boost energy levels, and assist with overall weight loss. According to the makers of this diet pill, clinical research supports this product’s effectiveness. Then again, there are no user testimonials or success stories provided. There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee offered with this weight loss pill either. On the bright side, you do not need a prescription to acquire this weight loss pill.

Two forms of caffeine are found in SAN Tight FEM, which include Green Tea Extract and Caffeine Anhydrous. These ingredients may help boost energy levels, and increase the metabolism to some degree. Yohimbe Bark is also used in this diet pill, and is claimed to boost metabolic rates. Guggulsterones Extract and Coleus Forskohlii are included as well, and may assist with weight loss. Piperine Fruit is another key ingredient found in this supplement, and is added to boost the metabolism.

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  • The key ingredients used in this supplement are posted online.
  • SAN Tight FEM may improve the metabolism, which can assist with weight loss.


  • A lot of Caffeine is used in this diet pill.
  • SAN Tight FEM may cause side effects like nervousness, headaches, insomnia, jitteriness, and heart palpitations.
  • There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee provided with this weight loss formula.
  • This diet pill is only suitable for women.


There are several over-the-counter weight loss products that are quite similar to SAN Tight FEM. Therefore this supplement does not really stand out as unique. As for the ingredients used in this formula, a significant amount of Caffeine is found. Unfortunately high levels of caffeine can lead to side effects like jitteriness, insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, and nausea. This is certainly something to be leery of. Also, there is no guarantee provided to back up SAN Tight FEM pills. Therefore you will be out $25 if this weight loss supplement fails to yield the results it claims to.

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