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The Sardine Diet claims to help people maintain their ideal weight, improve their overall health, and protect them from disease. This diet also claims that the eating habits associated with this diet will change their live forever. This plan comes with a meal-by-meal schedule that includes snacks and desserts. Some of the benefits of this diet include no membership fees, no calorie counting, and no supplements, but some people say that the foods that are included in this diet taste bad, and can be gross for some people. These foods are healthy, but many people believe that the meal schedule does not offer a wide variety of foods, and they believe that the foods that are offered as rewards are not as good as the desserts and snacks that people are used to. Overall, this diet is great for people that are satisfied with changing their diet to include foods that they normally would not eat so that they can lose a few pounds, but for people who want to lose more weight, or people who are not willing to sacrifice their food, this diet can be too restrictive.

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The Sardine Diet includes an easy to follow meal schedule, and this schedule will help you change your eating habits. This schedule can even help you change your weight for good, but many people have problems functioning with the amount of food that they are able to eat with this diet plan. This plan is helpful, but many people believe that the small benefits are outweighed by the many downfalls.

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  • This diet is easy to follow, and it comes with an easy to follow meal schedule.
  • The Sardine Diet offers results that can last.


  • The results offered by the Sardine Diet are almost always minimal, and many users are left disappointed.
  • This diet can be restrictive, and people do not like many of the foods that are included with this diet plan.
  • This plan does allow desserts and snacks, but these treats are rare, and people are usually disappointed with the quality of the rewards.


Overall, this diet can be useful for some people, but most people believe that this plan is not worth it. Although there usually are results that can last, these results are minimal, and most people do not think that it is worth the hassle. Dieters struggle with keeping up with this low calorie diet, and some feel drained after a day’s work. This diet is not complicated like many other diets, but many people do not think that you do not get enough to eat. Overall, the Sardine diet is effective, but the hassle is too much for most people.

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