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SARM X is a bodybuilding supplement used to improve overall muscle look and mass. According to the official website, SARM X mimics the effects of anabolic steroids causing massive muscle gains. The manufacturer claims the natural body make-up or predisposition t not gain weight are irrelevant when taking the SARM X supplement. This product is not taken for weight loss and will likely cause weight gain as muscle weighs more than fat.

List of Ingredients

Diandrone, Trans-4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxycinnamic Acid, Di-calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxy methylcellulose, magnesium stearate, silica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide.

Product Features

As is the case with most muscle building supplements, there is a list of ingredients that no one can pronounce, let alone understand unless the real name of the ingredient is revealed. Diandrone, for instance, makes up the majority of the supplement as it is listed first. Diandrone is a fancy name for DHEA. DHEA has been touted as a weight loss and muscle building supplement for years, but there is very little proof DHEA works to do either in the body. No long term studies have been completed, leaving the dieter questioning how safe DHEA really is. What information on side effects that could be found suggests an estrogenic effect and potential hair loss with prolonged use of DHEA or Diandrone.

Trans-4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxycinnamic Acid is a long and confusing name for ferulic acid. Ferulic acid comes from vegetables, whole grains and fruits and is abundant in most western diets. So what is the pull for SARM X? Creative advertising is the best thing the supplement has going for it.

The word SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Science uses this term for drugs that affect testosterone levels by reacting in the tissues of the body. Medical SARMs are in clinical trials and have yet to even make it from the animal trial to human trial stage. There are no approved SARMs out there, but SARM X would like the dieter to believe this product will work over and above natural testosterone – simply not true.

SARM X sells for $39.99 per 60 tablets. Tablets are taken two times a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. There are no stimulants in this supplement so the dieter will feel no effect when taking the product.

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  • Complete list of ingredients on the official SARM X website.
  • Sold online by the manufacturer.


  • The SARM is not a SARM.
  • The manufacturer claims a SARM binds to the muscle when it clinically binds to tissues.
  • SARM X contains DHEA and ferulic acid with fancy names.


SARM X is based on lies and false information. Medical science is still testing the SARM for medical treatment purposes and this product does not work like a prescription SARM in any way.

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