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Satiereal is one of those new ingredients that gets a whole lot of attention and then fades away. This time around, Dr. Mehmet Oz mentioned on his show that saffron extract could have benefits for dieters trying to lose weight. According to the official website for Satiereal, the name brand version of saffron extract, 100-percent of the women who took the supplement claimed hunger was reduced. While we are all for clinical research, we are not for deceiving the dieter. There is no way a clinical research study was completed and every one of the participants felt reduced hunger. There is also a bit more focus on the hunger suppression than on the neurological effects of taking saffron extract.

List of Ingredients


  • Saffron Extract

Product Features

Saffron extract has been clinically tested and proven to have some health benefits. Among the health benefits are reduced hunger and improved mood. There are some studies that claim saffron extract works better than prescription anti-depressants. This is a fantastic development, but the impact on dieters already taking anti-depressants may not be healthy. Before taking Satiereal or any saffron extract, the dieter should talk with their prescribing physician if they are already taking prescription medications. If the saffron extract works as an anti-depressant it could cause negative side effects that could be life threatening.

In terms of weight loss, if the extract does indeed decrease appetite, it is ideal for dieters who want to reduce hunger and control those cravings that cause overeating. We would like to see a more realistic report, because we know 100-percent of dieters are not going to benefit from the supplement.

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  • May reduce appetite.
  • Clinical studies have been completed on saffron extract.


  • The company behind Satiereal does not develop supplements, just ingredients.
  • The clinical study reported may be flawed.
  • May interfere with prescription anti-depressants.


Satiereal is an appetite suppressant that could work for many men and women. We are unsure why Satiereal only reports the effect on women, but the 100-percent effectiveness reported is not likely a true report of the effective scope. Even the best prescription medications proven to suppress appetite don’t work in 100-percent of cases.

We are also extremely concerned about the possible impact of Satiereal and other forms of saffron extract on men and women taking antidepressants. If this supplement impacts mood as claimed, it may affect how antidepressants work and that could cause some severe negative side effects.

We suggest talking to your physician about this supplement before taking if you have any health conditions or if you are currently taking prescription medications.

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