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What You Should Know

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The Scan Diet was created by a Scandinavian doctor and is reported to be nutritionally complete and suitable to use as a meal replacement product. The meal replacement can be utilized by people who are seeking to lose weight or maintain their ideal weight. The Scan diet Soy based. The brand has 15 powered meals that are mixed with water before ingesting. The makers of Scan Diet promote the system as a nutritional strategy that allows the user to maintain healthy nutrition while moving through the phases of weight loss until the personal weight goals are met.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients depend on the particular weight loss product chosen.

Product Features

The Scan Diet supplement powder is available for purchase at local retail stores such as Rite Aid and GNC stores. Each packet of powder contains 160 calories with a nutritionally balanced and complete source of protein, fat, and carbohydrates-plus fiber, vitamins and minerals.

The Scan Diet has different plans depending on the level of weight loss the user wants. The Attack Plan allows the dieter to have only fruits and vegetables. The Balance plan provides for 3 drinks in addition to the fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice and some meat. The Control Plan permits 1 or 2 meal replacement drinks plus additional food. The Attack Plan is recommended to be carried out for no longer than 12 weeks.

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  • There is online support available for those who want to utilize it.
  • The Scan Diet website offers tips and calculators to help with meal replacements.
  • The website offers daily meal plans and motivational tips from a personal assistant.
  • A maintenance plan is provided for those who want to maintain their goal weight.


  • The online support program is expensive.
  • The diet is very restrictive throughout each of the diet plans.
  • Special powders must be purchased along with providing additional food from the grocery store.
  • The plan is a do it yourself plan with limited support.


The Scan Diet weight loss program was researched and developed by Nutri Pharma. This company specializes in creating nutritional supplements for use in special diets. The company is dedicated to people who want to lose weight and decrease their cholesterol readings. The Nutri Pharma products are soy protein based which will help a lot of people who have lactose intolerance. The formula for Scan diet includes soy protein with isoflavones, cotyledon soy fiber, and soy phospholipids. Nutri Pharma works with hospitals, universities and organizations to provide nutritional benefits to those who need it. Nutri Pharma and Protein Technologies International and General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) have partnered together for many programs.

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  • 1
    James Holt

    I also used the product in the 90’s and it work great where can i find it and purchase it


  • 2
    Denise Rosa

    How can I order the scan diet or where can I purchase it.


  • 3

    It is now only being sold in Scandinavia under the brand name Nutrilett- Scan diet was the only thing that ever really worked for me and I am now trying to find a retailer in the UK who sells it (remember its called Nutrilett now)


  • 4

    I found 2 sealed containers of the Scan Diet with an out date of 2004. Is it still okay to use?


  • 5
    Joe Camacho

    Can’t any tell me where to buy it. I need an e-mail adress where I can buy it. Gnc Which was selling on our Island stop bringing it. Pease help this really works


  • 6

    I used this 9 years ago lost 100 pounds but have gained back 10 pounds I need answers and help


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