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Schiek Sports & Medical, Inc. founded in 1991 by Jim and John Schiek and Dan Wissink, manufactures body building gear and workout wear. With over 45 product lines currently marketed in 60 countries, Schiek makes lifting belts, lifting gloves, support belts, leather dip belts, cycling gloves, wrist and knee wraps, gym bags, cross training and fitness gloves, ab straps, knee sleeves, lifting hooks, and competition power belts. Schiek products are designed for men and women.

Some sources credit Schiek with inventing the weight lifting belt. Whether or not this is the case, the manufacturer does produce many different styles of belts designed for different levels of lifting. They feature contoured designs to match body contours and support the lower back while you are lifting.

Other than lifting belts, Schiek Sports’ top selling products are dowel lifting straps, wrist supports, knee wraps, and lifting gloves. Most of their products fall into the $10 to $50 price range.


Schiek products are made of such materials as leather, nylon, synthetic leather, cotton elastic, and nylon/acrylic


Schiek Sports & Medical, Inc. not only makes back support belts for weightlifters, but it also supplies hunters, industrial workers, and others with support for heavy lifting or prolonged periods of standing. To aid in recovery from back injury, Schiek makes and markets Sacroiliac belts and other medical support belts.

Many Schiek products are patented. Their cycling , workout and weightlifting gloves feature patented “easy off fins,” or seams sewn into the backs of the fingers that make it easy to pull off the gloves when needed.

Schiek employs a staff of professional bodybuilders and athletes who endorse and use their products. They offer several DVDs featuring staff members, including Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler.

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  • Professional athletes use and endorse Schiek products
  • The company pioneered the development of many of their products
  • Medical support belts and industrial lifting belts extend Schiek’s influence to areas other than sports


  • The manufacturer pays for the majority of the professional endorsements
  • Because Schiek developed many products it sells, there are few other manufacturers with which to compare features
  • People may think a support belt will protect them from strain and try to lift too much weight


Schiek Sports & Medical, Inc. makes supportive gear and work out protection for athletes, professional body builders, industrial workers and people who have back injuries. Many of their products are patented. Although their lifting belts are contoured for fit and support, they do have their limits and there is a possibility that a person wearing a Schiek belt may try to lift more than they are capable of lifting. If you choose to supplement your workout with protective gear, you should keep in mind that your body still has natural limits that you should respect.

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