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In this review we are going to take a look at the Schwartzbein Principle. This particular regimen is based on a theory that was developed by Dr. Diana Schwartzbein. Dr. Schwartzbein is an Endocrinologist and she is a graduate of U.S.C.’s School of Medicine.


This theory consists of steps to take to get the weight loss results that are wanted and a cookbook.

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This theory presents to users an interesting thing to consider about the role hormones, stress, toxins, and diet and the possible role that they might play in our ability to lose weight. Although it is controversial some doctors think that by using a type of hormone replacement that it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. This is a program that is targeted at people that are having a hard time losing weight by using other methods. This is intended for women that have tried other methods and failed. This diet is focused on Hormone Replacement Therapy that is combined with what appears to be a healthy diet.

Now for the people that do not know what hormone replacement is, I will try to explain it to the best of my abilities. The information that was supplied by one source stated that while studying the possibility of HRT being associated with weight gain they actually found that it can help in weight loss. The reason, it is believed, that HRT was ever associated with weight gain to begin was because right about the time that it women became the age to start taking HRTs it they were just at a time in their life, around the time of menopause, that their metabolism was beginning to slow significantly. Now the reason that it is believed that HRT can actually aid in weight loss is because if the hormones can be administered at just the right doses then it can actually trick the body into thinking that it is premenopausal and it will actually prevent the body from thinking that it has to hold on to that unwanted fat.

One other form of hormone replacement that is the pill form of birth control. Studies have been shown that this can help to decrease your weight also. This is said to work because of the steady level of hormones that are being administered every day helps to decrease certain food cravings and overeating. This is because when a female’s hormone levels peak at the time of PMS cravings for fatty foods often increase significantly. When birth control is taken it keeps those levels from peaking, therefore eliminating a lot of those types of cravings.

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  • It may be effective in women that have had no luck using any other method.
  • Combined with a healthy diet.


  • Has to be done under a doctor’s supervision.
  • Can have possible side effects.


Due to the recent finding of the severe side effects of HRT, it may be best if this used only if it is a necessity to lose the weight and all other forms of weight loss have failed. A list of these side effects can be found online at a numerous amount of sites concerning HRT.

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