Schwinn A 10 Upright Bike Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Schwinn A 10 Upright Bike is a little different from the classic Schwinn Airdyne series. The Airdyne has been around for many years and uses air resistance to increase tension. The Schwinn A 10 Upright Bike is a battery powered model with an optional electrical plug. The LCD screen displays ride statistics and the rider can change the electromagnetic resistance on the fly. The bike bolds a user up to 275 pounds, but the seat and pedals are relatively small, compared to other higher end models. The price for the Schwinn A 10 Upright Bike is less than $200. This is a bargain for a Schwinn, but the bargain could be reflected in the shelf life of the bike.

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Electromagnetic resistance exercise bike by Schwinn.

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Schwinn recognizes that some dieters want an electromagnetic machine that changes resistance on the fly. There is a long list of features for the Schwinn A 10 Upright Bike, but that long list is not going to increase the quality of the bike. Unlike the Airdyne series by Schwinn, which has a 30 year warranty on the frame alone, the A 10 comes with a two year frame warranty and six-month warranty on parts and electronics. The bike is cheaper and Schwinn understands that cheaper bikes will not hold together as long as the older models made with sturdy frames and no electrical parts.

We could spend all day listing the features for the Schwinn A 10 Upright Bike, but consumer reviews are a bit more important in this case. This bike has wiring, console and belt problems. Nautilus, the mother company for the Schwinn exercise bikes, sends out wires, consoles and new belts, but the typical wait for the parts is two months or more. Some buyers have waited more than four months after receiving the bike without having used it one time. This is a huge negative. While we would normally advise the dieter to stay away from a company like this all together, Schwinn does have classic exercise bikes with rave reviews, just not ones with electrical parts.

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  • The bike sells for less than higher end models.
  • Schwinn is a trusted name in cycling.


  • Many consumer complaints about the bike never working.
  • Console is defective on some bikes.
  • Belts are defective on some models.


If a dieter wants to buy an exercise bike, we suggest sticking with the Schwinn Airdyne series. The Schwinn A 10 Upright Bike has an uncomfortable seat, console problems and a long wait for replacement parts. The price may be lower, but the quality is also compromised and that is not what a dieter need when they are starting a new fitness program.

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