Schwinn AC Classic Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Some dieters choose to exercise at home and others at the gym. Choosing a piece of home fitness equipment is a big step and a significant financial investment. Most often, dieters buy home fitness equipment as a spur of the moment choice in hopes of using that equipment to lose weight. Exercise bikes are a great first choice as they are easy on the joints and increase heart rate without causing leg and back pain. The Schwinn A.C. Classic Indoor Cycle Trainer is not the typical exercise bike. It is used to help cyclists train indoors when outdoor weather does not permit road training. The design and functionality is specifically tailored to the cyclists, thus comfort is not the primary concern.

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Indoor cycle trainer from Schwinn.

Product Features

The Schwinn A.C. Classic Indoor Cycle Trainer weighs 112 pounds and accommodates a rider up to 300 pounds. The single gear mimics a road bike and Smart Release technology allows the rider to coast. According to one customer review, the Classic model cycle trainer from Schwinn does not come with Smart Release, despite the product description. Without Smart Release, the pedals continue to move with the flywheel. The rider could be injured if they are not used to riding a road bike. Toe clips on the pedals snap cycling shoes in place, another custom feature creating an authentic cycling feel. The seat is narrow and hard, ideal for cyclists in training, but in no way comfortable for the dieter.

There is no digital display or preset workouts. The rider is using the Schwinn A.C. Classic Indoor Cycle Trainer for one reason only, to train not to exercise. The frame is strong allowing the rider to stand when pedaling to mirror uphill climbs. The adjustable handlebars move so the rider can lean forward in a racing stance.

The health benefits of the Schwinn A.C. Classic Indoor Cycle Trainer are similar to a traditional exercise bike, but the comfort features are not supportive of beginner use. The seat will cause pain and could bruise the skin.

The Schwinn A.C. Classic Indoor Cycle Trainer sells for $1,249. The bike must be assembled at home. Assembly takes more than two hours.

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  • Perfect for indoor cycle training.
  • Sturdy frame comes with a 15 year warranty.
  • Holds a rider up to 300 pounds.


  • No digital display.
  • No present workouts.
  • May not have Smart Release technology.
  • Not created for home fitness.
  • Uncomfortable seat.


The dieter looking for a home fitness bike should not spend the $1,200 on the Schwinn A.C. Classic Indoor Cycle Trainer. This bike is created for the cyclist who wants an indoor bike for training purposes only.

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