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The Schwinn name is most often associated with bikes, but the company does dabble in fitness equipment. The Schwinn Treadmill comes in a variety of models, but all are known for their quality and motor warranties. Warranties on the parts and wear are not ideal, which could mean the treadmills tend to need parts soon after purchase and that wear items breakdown easily. The prices for a Schwinn Treadmill are expensive, ranging between $1,200 and $1,900 with shipping and handling. Generally, all treadmills provide the same set of features, including digital display, preset workouts and heart rate monitors.

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When purchasing a treadmill, the dieter needs to take a few things into consideration. The first is activity level. Most fitness equipment is purchased on a whim. The dieter hopes they will use the treadmill to walk or run indoors to lose weight. If the dieter does not have an outdoor walking regime in place, the Schwinn treadmill will not be a worthy investment.

The next important factor is cost. Higher end treadmills tend to have enhanced features like add-on workouts and MP3 speakers or dock. If these features are not important to the dieter, they should not spend the extra money on them. Earphones work just as well as an MP3 dock and add-on content typically costs money.

Finally, the Schwinn treadmill and other models of treadmill utilize a “normal weight” mentality when programming preset workouts. If a dieter is 5’4” tall and weighs 250 pounds, the preset workouts may not burn the noted calories and may require speeds unrealistic for the dieter. Running 4 MPH is not a viable first step in fitness or weight loss, so buying a Schwinn treadmill for 10 present workouts is not likely to benefit the dieter who uses the treadmill for walking.

The Schwinn treadmill series is known for the motor warranty, which lasts 30 years. Warranties on other parts range from one to three years. Other companies support parts and wear with longer warranties and may be a better purchase option for the dieter.

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  • Schwinn treadmills have a long motor warranty.
  • There are multiple model options.
  • Helps the dieter workout in the comfort of the home.


  • Preset workouts may not be fitted to an overweight dieter.
  • Dieters must consider belt length and width before purchasing.
  • More expensive than other treadmill companies.


The Schwinn treadmill is not the best on the market, but it is one of the more expensive. If the dieter already walks regularly, the investment in quality is important. If the dieter is looking for a good starter treadmill, the Schwinn treadmill series may be a bit too expensive.

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