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SciFit Fat Suppress is a supplement dieters can use to reduce the amount of fat digested and stored. There is only one ingredient in the “fat blocker” so we have very little to research on this one. The common ingredient touted as a “fat blocker” is Chitosan and it looks like SciFit Fat Suppress did not bother looking any further than that common ingredient.

List of Ingredients

Absorbitol Chitosan Complex.

Product Features

Let us note the word “complex” in the ingredient list. The Chitosan is the only ingredient listed but the word “complex” leads us to believe there could be other ingredients in the complex. That would mean the dieter is taking a supplement without all the information needed to make a good supplement decision.

Chitosan is the most popular fat blocker in the weight loss industry. Chitosan is derived from shellfish like shrimp and crabs. It is supposed to bind with fat and allow it to move through the digestive system without being digested. If fat is not digested it is passed through the bowels and out of the body.

We did find some clinical studies supporting the fat binding properties of Chitosan, but there are an equal number of experts claiming Chitosan has no fat binding properties. In terms of proven and unproven, one could read a clinical trial showing a weight loss difference of about two pounds between Chitosan and a placebo. Unfortunately, the trials showing the best results are either small or limited in terms of controls.

The only known fat binder is available over the counter as Alli and by prescription as Xenical. Due to the fact that this proven fat binder is available without a prescription, dieters may find better weight loss benefits from taking Alli than they would from taking a Chitosan based supplement without the clinical proof associated with Alli.

SciFit Fat Suppress sells for $22.94 from various online retailers. The official SciFit website sells Fat Suppress for $35.99 for 200 capsules.

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  • May have some fat binding characteristics.


  • Chitosan is an ingredient on the cusp of proven and not proven.
  • Alli is a proven alternative that sells over the counter for the same general price.


Dieters are always looking for supplements that will allow them to eat what they want and still lose weight. SciFit Fat Suppress is a supplement that could have that effect on a small level if the ingredient were a definitively proven fat binder. That is not the case so dieters will still have to reduce fat intake and exercise to lose weight. Supplements are available that boost metabolism and fat burning with proven ingredients like green tea, chromium picolinate and caffeine.

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