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Scivation is a nutritional product company that aims to help people improve their health and fitness levels through improved nutrition. The company has developed a range of nutritional supplements designed to help overcome potential deficiencies in an individual’s diet while ensuring that appropriate levels of vitamins, minerals, and proteins are ingested in order to help improve performance and athletic goals. Sciation products are aimed at professional athletes, but may offer benefits to those who partake in rigorous training or who wish to supplement their diet in order to improve performance and health. Scivation describes its products as both scientifically tested and as having been prepared prepared using research-backed ingredients.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients included in the Scivation products vary depending on the particular supplement type, but the company offers assurance that the ingredients are scientifically tested and backed. The company’s website provides a label for each product in the Scivation line that potential buyers can examine prior to purchase. Any other inquiries can be directed to the company’s customer service staff.

Product Features

Scivation currently has ten products on offer. Products such as Extend and Dialene 4x are designed to build muscle and burn fat, and contain a range of vitamins and minerals without containing calories or fat. Solution 5 is a specially designed meal replacement formula consisting of a carefully balanced ratio of fiber, fats, and proteins. Quake 10.0 and VasoCharge are designed for pre-workout use, and may help support the gaining of lean muscle mass. The company also offers a Whey protein supplement, which is designed to ensure appropriate protein consumption to ensure healthy muscle development and retention. The company also offers Essential Fatty Acid supplements, a Knockout supplement designed to improve sleep, and a Showtime supplement to help with fluid retention.

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  • Products are scientifically tested with full nutritional tables provided online
  • Products are easily purchased online or offline
  • Supplements are easy to mix and measure
  • A number of testimonials from pro athletes are available on the website


  • Supplements are largely marketed towards professional athletes
  • Some supplements contain artificial flavorings
  • Users may wish to contact their doctor before beginning to take supplements


Scivation dietary supplements are well-reviewed products that are widely available both online and offline around the world. However, Scivation does tend to market more towards serious or professional athletes rather than to regular individuals, and users should take this into account before purchasing a product. Users should also take care to read the label of any product purchased to ensure that it complements their current diet and will not interfere with any medications or existing conditions. Users should also be aware that these sorts of supplements are generally not designed to promote weight loss in and of themselves, but should be combined with a balanced diet and healthy exercise. They may wish to discuss supplementation with a doctor or nutritionist beforehand.

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