Scivation Sesamin Review

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What You Should Know

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Scivation is one of those supplement companies that makes some fantastic supplements and misses the mark on others. The company dedicates most of its supplement line-up to bodybuilding. While dieters may find some fat burners in the product list, they are likely formulated with an excessive amount of caffeine or combination of stimulants to promote fat loss and energy for intense workouts. The best bet is to read the ingredient label and look for total caffeine amounts in the supplements before trying. Some products sold be Scivation will include both caffeine and creatine. Creatine causes weight gain through water retention, so that’s not the best choice for a dieter.

Scivation Sesamin is a claims to support fat loss. The only ingredient is sesame oil, so we are not convinced that the user will gain huge benefit from taking the supplement. There could be other sesame oil supplements that sell for far less than Scivation Sesamin.

List of Ingredients

Sesame Oil.

Product Features

The product description from Scivation offers a pretty strong sales pitch. The non-thermogenic properties of Scivation are described in full and despite the fact that most fat burners are thermogenic, which simply means they increase fat burner with body heat. Caffeine and green tea are thermogenic ingredients. Sesame oil will not increase energy, increase thermogenesis or increase heart rate, but it may also have no effect on weight loss or fat loss.

There is one positive to Scivation Sesamin, the product can be taken by nearly every dieter without worry. It can be stacked with other bodybuilding supplements, including those sold by Scivation and outside companies. Sesamin can also be taken with fat burners formulated with proven thermogenic ingredients.

The most interesting claim regarding Scivation Sesamin is that some users may suffer from reduced libido. Scivation claims this is caused by weight loss and reduced calorie intake. We have never heard of weight loss as being the cause of a person losing sex drive.

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  • Scivation Sesamin will not increase heart rate or blood pressure.
  • Contains no stimulants, so the formula is safe for most dieters.
  • Can easily be stacked with other fat loss supplements.
  • May promote a healthy heart.


  • No clinical studies listed supporting fat loss claims.
  • No testimonials from previous buyers.
  • No before and after photos showing weight lost using Sesamin.


We are not sold on Scivation Sesamin. This product may work to improve heart health by supplying healthy oils to the body, but the dieter is not likely to see a huge change in weight from taking this supplement alone. If Sesamin does not have thermogenic properties, it will not increase fat burning and thus it will not have any effect on weight.

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