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Originally founded as a local slimming class in Aberdeen, Scotland in the early 1980′s, Scottish Slimmers has evolved into a company that now holds over 800 weekly sessions for those that want to lose weight alongside an “at home” service called Your DietLine.

The way in which this weight loss method is reported to work is by making small nutritional changes to the diet and by promoting natural and healthy eating patterns and behavior. It also suggests that lifestyle changes are needed in order to meet the designated weight loss target. The plan is based on something called “positive eating” and it is this that apparently enables you to reach your weight loss goals.


There are no specific ingredients in the Scottish Slimmers plan.

Product Features

Scottish Slimmers follows a plan of healthy eating and physical lifestyle changes. While these have not been proven to aid in weight loss, there is no doubt the overall health of your body will be improved. There are a few positive testimonials for this weight loss method but overall, there is not a lot of information about the recipes that should be followed or what exercise plans you will be following.

The official Scottish Slimmers website mentions a type of “check” system you will use for counting calories which sounds interesting since you can still eat whatever you like. You can buy pre-packaged foods and find all kinds of recipes on the official website. The official website also has a fairly large shopping section where you can find all kinds of cookbooks, DVDs, magazines, and diet aids.

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  • You can follow the Scottish Slimmers plan without drastically changing what you eat.
  • You can buy all kinds of foods and find recipes on the Scottish Slimmers website.


  • Some people may not like the “checks” system which is a way to track caloric intake.
  • The website seems cluttered and it’s difficult to determine how to begin.
  • Diet plans can be very hard to stick to for some people.


Scottish Slimmers seems closest to programs like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig which focus on counting calories while exercising. These are both popular programs that thousands of people have been successful with but the key is to follow the plan exactly. If you cheat, you are only hurting yourself. Scottish Slimmers offers support online to help keep you motivated and keep you from cheating which is nice. To really kick start your diet, we highly recommend adding a weight loss supplement of some kind that includes a powerful thermogenic ingredient. Thermogenics raise your core body temperature to help you burn fat all day and all night regardless of what you are doing.

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