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The Scottsdale Weight Loss Center is a specialist clinic based in Phoenix Arizona designed to help patients lose weight and subsequently maintain a healthy body weight. The clinic runs a number of weight loss programs that are designed for long-term success, and are usually targeted at those who have tried a number of diets unsuccessfully in the past. The company claims to use techniques that draw on clinically tested and medically backed processes, and notes that its programs have been supported by a wide variety of clinical trials that have been undertaken since 1974. Both its weight loss processes and the particular types of meal supplements used by the program have undergone clinical testing and assessment. Customers who sign up at the Scottsdale Weight Loss Center will be given a personalized medical weight loss program that is monitored by a physician; interested individuals can attend a free information session. Pricing is not readily available.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients involved in a weight loss program from the Scottsdale Weight Loss Center will vary depending on the type of program on which an individual is placed. Some programs involve meal replacement products, usually Optifast shakes, which may contain some artificial colors and flavors, as well as certain additives that some people may be sensitive to.

Product Features

The Scottsdale Weight Loss Center offers a personally tailored plan to each customer, ensuring that they are placed on a medically supervised diet that is appropriate to their weight loss goals and current levels of health or fitness. All individuals have access to a physician throughout their program, and food intake is monitored and regulated. Different meal plans and weight loss plans are available, but potential customers should note that meal replacement programs tend to follow a very low calorie diet, and should not be attempted without medical supervision.

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  • Weight loss programs have been the subject of rigorous medical research
  • A variety of different programs are offered according to individual needs and goals
  • Food and/or supplements are provided or specified, taking out the guess work
  • The programs are medically supervised


  • The cost of the program is not readily available, indicating that it may be prohibitively expensive to some
  • Very low calorie diets can be dangerous in the long term, and there is a potential risk of encouraging long-term disordered eating
  • The use of meal replacements may result in overeating in some who find that they are not satiated

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The Scottsdale Weight Loss Center appears to be a largely reputable weight loss clinic that offers a variety of medically supervised weight loss programs that it notes are supported by research. However, the company does not readily offer the details of this research, and does not provide details of its pricing, and potential customers should take this into consideration when considering participating in one of the available programs. Very low calorie diets, such as those involved in the meal replacement diets, can also be dangerous in the long term, and are often advised against by medical practitioners. It may be worth getting a second opinion before signing up for a program.

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    jennifer eglin

    How much is healthy trim? I need to lose several pounds and I’ve been considering HCG but I also want to hear more about this product or any that would help aid me in the challenge of losing weight.