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Sculpt ‘n’ Cleanse is a product that alleges to help flush out toxins and other pollutants in the body that are apparently built up through eating foods that contain preservatives and additives, and through living a lifestyle that discourages the body from actively working to cleanse these toxins from its system. Its makers argue that these toxins build up in the intestinal tubes, but can be flushed out with the help of a cleanse such as Sculpt ‘n’ Cleanse. The product is designed to reduce bloating and water retention, and to promote regularity and support weight loss. A 50 day supply costs $34.95

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients included in Sculpt ‘n’ Cleanse are cascara sagrada (bark), senna (pod), psyllium (seed), turkey rhubarb, slippery elm (bark), barberry, and aloe ferox.

Product Features

The Scottsdale Weight Loss Center offers a personally tailored plan to each customer, ensuring that they are placed on a medically supervised diet that is appropriate to their weight loss goals and current levels of health or fitness. All individuals have access to a physician throughout their program, and food intake is monitored and regulated. Different meal plans and weight loss plans are available, but potential customers should note that meal replacement programs tend to follow a very low calorie diet, and should not be attempted without medical supervision.

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  • The product is easily obtained online or in shops
  • The tablet form makes measuring the dosage and ingesting the tablet simple
  • The product contains only natural ingredients


  • The cost of Sculpt ‘n’ Cleanse is fairly significant
  • Much medical research notes that cleanses are ineffective and unnecessary
  • The product is designed only to support weight loss, and may not result in an individual losing weight


Consumers should be skeptical of products that claim to help promote the cleansing of toxins from the body. Much medical research indicates that the body’s own systems for doing so are sufficient, and that little benefit is received from taking supplements such as these. While taking a cleansing product may help reduce bloating and improve regularity through a mild laxative effect, it should be noted that these are not long term results, and will not result in long term weight loss. Consumers should also be careful not to take a product that has a laxative effect for an extended period of time. In addition, the product is not designed to promote weight loss, but only to support it, and should not be seen in any way as being designed to help individuals lose weight or maintain their current weight. Weight loss when taking such supplements is usually effected by following a calorie controlled diet and by participating in an active lifestyle.

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    It was recommended by the ladies I work out with that but has help them get flushed and cleansed out. I don’t want to purchase things that won’t really work. Does sculpt n cleanse flushes away toxins and help regulate? Thanks for your help. Joni


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    It calls for two capsules on an empty stomach. I have IBS and two capsules is too much for me. Although, one is perfect. I take it before bedtime. It keeps me things flowing every morning. Which one who has IBS is grateful for. Works great and faithfully for me!


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