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SeaAloe is a product that is designed to help people meet their nutritional needs. The maker argues that current farming and agricultural practices have resulted in our produce becoming depleted of vitamins and minerals, and that a supplement is necessary to ensure proper functioning and maintenance of health. Sea Aloe is a liquid supplement containing thirteen different “superfoods” and that the makers describe as containing up to 80 different vitamins and minerals. One 32 oz bottle costs $39.95

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients included in SeaAloe include aloe vera, sea vegetables, pau d’arco, cranberry, white and concord grapes, and black cherry.

Product Features

Sea Aloe is provided in liquid form to allow individuals to easily ingest it separately or as part of a meal. The product is designed to incorporate a wide array of different vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids to promote improved functioning and to help people meet their nutritional needs. The product contains all natural plant derived ingredients rather than synthetic compounds that the body may have difficulty absorbing or that may result in adverse outcomes.

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  • The product is easily obtained online or in shops
  • The product contains a wide range of different vitamins and minerals to help meet dietary needs
  • The product contains only natural ingredients


  • SeaAloe is a relatively expensive product
  • Supplementation is only necessary in the case of particular vitamin deficiencies, and is otherwise superfluous
  • The product is not designed to support or promote weight loss


SeaAloe is a product designed to help busy individuals ensure that they are meeting their daily requirements for a variety of different vitamins and minerals. However, those who are following a balanced diet with appropriate amounts of fruits and vegetables as well as proteins and fats should be easily obtaining the required amounts of the minerals in question. Given the price of SeaAloe, consumers may prefer to address their diet rather than supplementing with additional products. Users who are pregnant or who suffer from allergies or sensitivities should consult a doctor before taking any sort of supplement. In addition, users should note that this product is not targeted towards those who are wishing to lose weight, and should not be used to promote weight loss or in place of a balanced diet. While SeaAloe may have some benefits for those who have a diet that is deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, it will not replace a balanced diet, and will tend not to have a significant effect on those who are already obtaining the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals through their daily dietary intake.

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    WOKPOR Kodjo

    Sea aloe very nutritients product. I would like to know how to get it in Lomé/Togo? The Inc. adress.