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Secrets of a Former Fat Girl is a blog written by Michelle. Michelle has no last name and no real bio on the website, but she does mention that she tried out for the Biggest Loser. She did not make the show, so at 255 pounds; she stopped ignoring the mirror and decided to make a change. On an impulse, she cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. If the food was boxed or canned, it hit the trash can. Next, she read labels. If the label included long words that no one could pronounce, they hit the trash can too. What Michelle was left with was a kitchen of empty cabinets and the will to lose weight the healthy way. Secrets of a Former Fat Girl is not written by a super-slim fitness model. Michelle still fights with food cravings and weighs more than her ideal weight, but she is moving in the right direction and she plans on continuing to move to her ideal weight.

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Daily blog updates from Michelle – Former Fat Girl.

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There are dieters who love to keep in contact with other dieters living the same daily struggles. This is what Michelle brings to the dieting world. She does not have a degree in nutrition. She is not a size 0, but she is a struggling single mother with a weight problem and a desire to eat more than she should. Michelle has managed to lose 90 pounds and she explains the diet she chose with few words. Eat whole foods, lots of lean protein and vegetables, fewer carbs and at least six meals a day.

Exercise is a major part of the Secrets of a Former Fat Girl weight loss. While Michelle is now running marathons and competing as a triathlete, she was unable to do those things at her highest weight of 255 pounds. She did, however, start moving and combined with the reduced calorie, whole foods diet; she managed to shed lots of weight in a short period of time.

Specific diet information is difficult to find. Most of the tips and tricks are hidden in blog updates and personal stories.

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  • Real life Former Fat Girl sharing her weight loss progress.
  • Blog is free to read.


  • Secrets of a Former Fat Girl does not list specific diet guidelines.
  • The blog has more than two years of updates.


Sometimes it is nice to read about another dieter having the same struggles as you who came out on top. Michelle, with no last name, is a blogger that introduced the world to her dieting plan. The plan helped her shed 90 pounds and she continues to lose weight slowly.

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