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The Sedona Method is a self-help program that is designed to encourage improved personal well-being through helping individuals come to terms with their personal barriers. The program can be used to promote change in a number of areas of an individual’s life, including career and finances, personal relationships, and mental and physical health and fitness. Sedona Training Associates was established in 1996 to promote the Sedona method, which was a method used by Lester Levenson to overcome a serious illness by “letting go” of negative feelings.

List Of Ingredients

The Sedona Method does not make use of nutritional products or supplements.

Product Features

The Sedona Method involves a series of workshops, programs, or sessions designed to help individuals improve their overall health and well-being by encouraging them to come to terms with or “let go” of the negativities that may be holding them back from achieving their goals and that may actually be having a detrimental effect on their personal well-being. There are also CDs and newsletters available to individuals unable or unwilling to attend an extended course. The method essentially involves the use of three questions: “would I?” “could I?” and “when?”, and individuals answer these as appropriate depending on the goals they wish to meet.

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  • The method can help address underlying issues that may be having a negative effect on an individual’s life
  • The method can be accessed through a variety of different modes
  • Positive testimonials are available


  • The method is not specifically designed to promote weight loss
  • Some methods of access may be expensive and time-consuming, or may be difficult to access


The Sedona Method is a general method for improving health and well-being in a range of areas in an individual’s life. It is a method that aims to break down the emotional barriers an individual has set up that may stop them from achieving their goals. The method has the potential to be used to address underlying issues that may be stopping people from meeting their health and fitness goals, and may be of some use in terms of helping an individual to use weight. However, interested individuals should note that the product is not specifically designed for weight loss, and is not run by medical professionals who may be able to offer guidance or advice. Users should also take into account the potential cost and time requirements of the method; they may find that they wish to sign up to a relevant e-mail newsletter or to purchase a set of CDs or DVDs as a taste-test before attending one of the larger seminars.

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    Where do I buy a CD or DVD to learn the sadona method?